Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Honoring A Local Hero

Recently this was said about one of my county’s local heroes...

  • For many years he had done “a lot of good” throughout the county.
  • He was praised for his ties to the community and his 25 years in law enforcement.
  • Another dignitary said our hero was a longtime friend who has done a lot of good work for the citizens of the county, both as a police officer and as a deputy sheriff.
  • Another said he was saddened that our hero has made mistakes that have put him in this position & he certainly wished him well in the future.
  • He was praised by many as an affable & outgoing public servant.
  • Another spoke reverently of the 25 years our hero had spent in county law enforcement.
  • It was obvious our hero had plenty of support in the room, including several pastors from around the county.

The late Paul Harvey just came into my blogging room & told me to tell you the Rest of the Story...

  • All of the above happened in a county courtroom where our hero was on trial for selling more than $55,000 in illegal automotive parts equipment to our county government.
  • Evidence was presented that showed our hero continued to sell his illegal automotive parts to the county even after the sheriff told him that it wasn’t allowed.
  • Our hero, father of two, said he had been confident he’d be exonerated until the actual verdict came down, convicting him of 8 of 14 counts.
  • In total, the eight counts carry a maximum penalty of 36 years.

WhatDoYouWannaBet our hero will not serve anywhere near 36 years?

In fact he may be on his was over to my house within a matter of days to punch me in my nose for writing this blog posting & he will probably have a police escort.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: While I & my bloody nose are laying on the floor, a newspaper reporter will probably stand over me & say, “Take that! This is what happens to someone who writes the truth about one of our Local Heroes!”