Monday, June 05, 2017

If You Acknowledge Plagiarism Up Front Is It Still Not Nice?

At the end of this Blog Posting is a link to the article that I plagiarized from. Now that I have that off my chest I recommend that, when you get down there, you click on the link and read the article.


The writer, Dick Yarbrough, has a style of writing that is very similar to my own. I have just compounded my injury toward Mr. Yarbrough by stealing a nifty turn of phrase from him and comparing my Word Pecking to his Slick Use of the English Language Word Processing.


Here are my stolen Dick Yarbrough words...

“So, why have I come to this decision not to run for public office? For one thing, the dry cleaners misplaced my clown suit. What is politics without a bunch of clowns?”


Do you see it? I just love the reference to Clown Suit Wearing being a requirement to membership in our 9% Approval Rated Congress!


I will now start using my stolen Dick Yargbrough words to create my own brand of Foolishness...


At first I was confused and mystified. When my Clown Costumes started disappearing at the Dry Cleaners, I did not complain to the Dry Cleaner because, thanks to Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm, I understand the Universal Rule of Dry Cleaning...

Sometimes You Lose Something That Is Yours and Sometimes You Get Something That Is Not Yours and Sometimes You Get Back Your Worthless Laundry Ticket


At first I kept buying Replacement Clown Suits but every time I spilled some silliness on them and sent them in for cleaning they too ended up gone.


These budding congressmen ought not to have such a need to steal Clown Suits. Even if they can’t afford to buy their own suits now, they ought to know they are going to be Stinking Rich before they get half way through their first term.


While watching CSPAN, it did take me a while to start recognizing my particular suits because there are so many different Clown Suits that mine did not stand out.


Recognizing my own suits became a lot easier after I started taking a Smartphone Picture of my suits before I dropped them at the Dry Cleaners. Eventually I would spot my latest lost suit being worn by a Member of Congress as he Poked Holes in the Air with His Finger, pointed his finger at me while he was saying something about Not Paying My Fair Share and/or sleeping at his Assigned Sleeping Desk.


I started to toy with them by buying different kinds of Suits. The ones that disappeared as fast as Clown Suits were Snidley Whiplash, Goofy and Foghorn Leghorn.


Some suits never disappeared...Scrooge McDuck (he did not like to spend money), George Washington (he never told a lie) and Dudley DooRight (for obvious reasons).


Would I kid u?