Sunday, May 21, 2017

Heckling Is In

Too often we see those of us who are still brave enough to try and communicate Heckled for their attempt to communicate. Often times the Heckler seems to win the day. That’s because the Heckler can be Rude and the Communicator isn’t allowed to be Rude and Rude is accepted more than Communicating.


A short while back our New United Nations Ambassador found herself attacked about the Syrian Refugee Situation. (Now there is a subject that no one has an answer to but far too many “experts” have opinions about.)


Nikki Haley was now written an article about the Refugee Situation and the Heckling Episode. Here are a couple of excerpts:


First 2 paragraphs...

“I was onstage at the end of a very long day when the heckling started.


I was telling an international women’s conference about how, earlier that day, I had stood up in the United Nations Security Council to condemn Syria for a chemical-weapons attack that had put dead children on the front pages of the world’s newspapers. I was about to get to the part about how the U.S. would act to stop future chemical attacks when someone in the audience shouted: ‘What about the refugees?’


There are numerous articles that have been written about the fact that Nikki Haley Fell Silent. People in her position are expected to have all the numbers and all the glib rebuttals at their finger tips. Nikki Haley was, therefore, “convicted” because she Fell Silent and the Heckler was declared the Winner.


Her article went on to say...

“The heckling was rude, but the question was legitimate. The Syrian war has created one of the greatest refugee crises of our time, with 12 million Syrian men, women and children—half the prewar population—killed or forced to flee their homes. What is happening in Syria and its neighboring countries is a true humanitarian crisis. But those who accuse the U.S. of heartlessness in the face of this crisis are wrong.


No country has invested more in protecting, housing, feeding and caring for Syrian refugees than the U.S. We have provided nearly $6.5 billion in emergency assistance for Syria since the start of the crisis. Inside Syria, some four million people benefit from U.S. assistance for essentials like food and shelter every month.”


The sad part is the Victorious Heckler will likely not read the above 2 paragraphs. She is probably busy composing another Four-Word Heckle to show how “smart” she is.


If she did read the 2 paragraphs, the Heckler would surely have a glib rebuttal and she would likely say something like, “6.5 ain’t much. Why that’s not even 7.


When the heckler has said this, her cohorts will probably clap and jeer and laugh and they would win the day again because the person being heckled just may Fall Silent. After all, how can one effectively respond to such “brilliance”?


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: I don’t need to remind my dear readers that $6.5 Billion is 6 Thousand 500 Million Dollars...Or do I don’t?