Monday, March 27, 2017

Should You Buy Their Drugs Because They Are Good For You Or Because Of The Letters They Put In Their Drug Names?

I have posted before about Drug Commercials on TV spending most of the ad telling us how their drug can harm us but still selling hard that we should buy them.


There is another interesting thing about drug ads on TV and that’s the names of the drugs especially the letters that are contained in the drug names.


For some reason, drug manufacturers have decided that if their drugs contain the letters X and/or J and/or Z and/or Y and/or Q and/or V, we will buy that drug.


There is actually one out now called “Xyzal” (I did not make this one up.)


Start paying attention to TV Drug Ads and see how often these letters appear.


However, don’t forget that, no matter how many of these important letters are in the drug name, that drug could ruin your day or worse.


Watch out for these words...”Serious side effects, including death, have happened”.


This sounds really bad but it does not stop the Folks Back Home from going to their doctors and demanding a prescription for that drug they saw on TV last night. Many times they can’t remember how to spell or pronounce it so they just say, “You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the one with the letters X and/or J and/or Z and/or Y and/or Q and/or V in its name”.


Would I kid u?