Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Devil Made Me Do It But It Makes No Nevermind Because It’s About To Be Legal

I picked this up from the Wall Street Journal and 2 different Internet Sites...


Demonstrators massed through the streets of Bucharest, Romania—as well as smaller towns and cities throughout the country—shouting “thieves, thieves!” The protesters condemned an emergency ordinance decree that decriminalized the theft of public funds when the amount involved is less than $48,000.

The leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party is on trial for diverting a sum just short of that.

The protests, among the largest the country has seen since the fall of communism in 1989, began after the decree was passed without the vote of Parliament.


Let me see if understand what’s going on here...

Ø A public official steals just under $48,000.

Ø That public official passes a decree which says that stealing just over what he stole is not illegal.

Ø The public official passed the decree without the vote of Parliament by decreeing the decree all by himself.


I have been accused of making things up because I sometimes make things up but I’m not sure even I could make up this one...Or could I?...Or have I?


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: The above Foolishness...Or Is It was written yesterday. Yesterday again came before today & today my newspaper tells me that the Decree Maker has withdrawn his Awful Decree. Personkind has dodged another bullet but we ought to stay alert because the Evil People out there have more bullets. Actually they seem to have an unlimited supply.