Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Both Assailants And Victims Have Responsibilities

For all of us to exist in modern society, we all have to do our part to cooperate with each other. This also applies to those of us who get caught up in a fist fight behind a Karaoke Bar. 

This news article was in my local newspaper recently...

“At some point at Paradise Karaoke, they walked out of the back door of the establishment and began fighting in the parking lot. It was captured on video surveillance.


During the fight, the victim was stabbed multiple times, but the victim did not realize that he had been stabbed until the two separated.”


Each of these individuals had an obligation in this encounter...

Ø The knife wielding assailant should have been nicer to the person he was stabbing.

Ø The victim should have noticed that he was being stabbed.


Did I hear you just say, “The Stabee was full of adrenalin and it is perfectly understandable that he may not have noticed his wounds until they stopped fighting”?


I quoted the article exactly and the article said “stabbed multiple times”. Once one gets past stabbed one time, it can legitimately be said that a stabee has been stabbed multiple times. Actually this guy was stabbed 17 times. How could he not notice he had been stabbed this many times?


I guess some people are more observant than others.


Would I kid u?