Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Primer On Seeing Through Political Spin

I was at the High School Track again trying to keep my heart from attacking me. I was listening to political interviews on my radio when it hit me... Try as they might the Interviewers are unable to get the Interviewees to answer the questions posed to them.


Dodging and Spinning questions presented to these skilled Dodgers and Spinners is a fine art that has now been perfected to the nth degree.


Sure I have seen this done for years now but these guys were the best I can recall hearing. It went something like this...


Question: Your candidate, Senator Leghorn, has been caught on security cameras and 27 non-partisan eye witnesses stealing money from the Cookie Jar. Are you and the rest of his team ready to concede that it’s all over for his run to the White House?


Answer: What you fail to realize is how transparent Senator Leghorn has always been in all aspects of his relationship with the American People. On more than one occasion he has been left alone in the Senate Chamber by his less devoted colleges as he poured out his heartfelt love for this country to that sad empty chamber. On the other hand his opponent, Congressman Whiplash, has been the epitome of obfuscation throughout his years in the Senate. On more than one occasion he has been heard to say, “A lie is as good as the truth, as long as you get somebody to believe you”. If there were an award for lying, cheating and stealing, Senator Whiplash would win it every year.


Question: Wow! That’s quite an answer to my question, whatever that question was. Can you refresh my memory about what my question was?


Answer: Certainly. You asked me to relate to you, and the folks back home, how great a patriot Senator Leghorn truly is. Actually, this question is not necessary. The folks back home have expressed their admiration for him year after. It is a crying shame that he has never won the Most Admired Senator of the Year Award but, if he had won it, he would have won it.


I bet you, my dear readers, have also forgotten that the question was about Stealing Money from the Cookie Jar.


Would I kid u?