Saturday, October 29, 2016

She Was So Unhappy!

It broke my heart to see her like that. There she was sitting on the curb outside my favorite BBQ Restaurant. She was really very attractive but when I came upon her she did not look very pretty because she was crying her eyes out. 

I tried to console her and, during the consoling, she told me her tale of woe...

Ø She has always loved BBQ.

Ø All her life she had been preparing herself to become a waitress in a BBQ Restaurant.

Ø She worked hard to get her certificate in BBQing from the prestigious BBQ Institute for a Greater America.

Ø She could identify, while blindfolded, all sauces used in any BBQ restaurant in a 100 mile radius.

Ø Today was her big day.

Ø She had put on her most attractive outfit and had come to my favorite BBQ Restaurant to apply for a job as a waitress.

Ø This was going to be the day she launched her BBQ Waitressing Career.

Ø She was rebuffed and she did not come close to being hired.

Ø The manager took one look at her and showed her the door.


I was really intrigued by this point because, as far as I could tell, she seemed to have all the qualifications to make a fine BBQ Waitress.


I asked her why she had been summarily turned away like this and my heart as bleeding for her as she said through her tears, “They said I could not work in their restaurant because I don’t have a Tattoo!”


I immediately understood why she had been rebuffed, I turned away and went inside to get my pulled pork sandwich.


Yes, my waitress did have a Dynamite Tattoo. Actually, she had several.


Would I kid u?