Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ole Cars Are The Best Cars

I saw a news article where a man was removed from his car by a Carjacker at the point of a gun. The victim cooperated but the Carjacker ended up not taking his car.


What happened? ...

Ø Did the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ride up and chase away the villain?

Ø Did a Meteorite come down and kill the dastardly fellow on the spot?

Ø Did the victim have a picture of Vladimir Putin duct taped to the dashboard and the bad guy was afraid to enter the vehicle for fear that Vladimir would come invade his home?


I know you are having a hard time deciding among these 3 very possible possibilities. I’ll save you from your quandary and give you the answer...

The Villain/Dastardly Fellow/Bad Guy Left the Vehicle Because He Could Not Drive a Stick Shift Car

Looks like the Villain/Dastardly Fellow/Bad Guy did not properly train himself for his chosen profession.


Would I kid u?