Thursday, October 06, 2016

Silly Logic About Traffic Deaths

Logical Conclusion...

Ø All terrorist groups have voluntarily disbanded.

Ø People all over the world are dancing in the streets.

Ø All hate crime laws have been wiped off the books because they are obviously not necessary.

Ø After issuing pink slips to all its employees and closing all its offices, the NAACP issued this statement, “Our organization is not longer needed because racism is definitely a thing of the past”.

Ø For the last 18 months not a single person in the Good Ole USofA has been stabbed, shot, slapped, shouted at, robbed or even been given an accidental bump on the head.


If everything is the above paragraph were true, it would be logical to conclude that the rest of the day will go smoothly.


Illogical Conclusion...

The article which drew the Illogical Conclusion can be found by clicking the Lagniappe Link below but I will summarize it for you here...

Ø U.S. traffic deaths jumped 10.4 percent in the first six months of 2016 to a "crisis" level.

Ø Road deaths in the first half totaled 17,775.

Ø That number was likely to be higher in the second half due to warmer weather and seasonal driving.

Ø The jump in the first half of the year follows a spike in 2015, when road deaths rose 7.2 percent to 35,092.

Ø This was the highest full-year increase since 1966.

Ø The NHTSA called the rising deaths a "crisis" and urged swift actions to reverse the rising trend after years of declines.


The 6 bullets above point to the undeniable conclusion that we are going over a cliff down a slippery slope and the prospects of reversing this awful decline are bleak indeed...Or does it?


Right after the 6 awful trending bullets the article had this paragraph, The U.S. Transportations Department said it believes it "is now increasingly likely that the vision of zero deaths and serious injuries can be achieved in the next 30 years."


If you can see the “logic” in the U.S. Transportations Department’s conclusion, I am hereby banning you from ever reading my blog again. You are too Foolish to read my Silliness.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: The link to the article...