Sunday, September 18, 2016

Change Partners

I’ve always liked Frank Sinatra. Too bad he died without knowing how much I enjoyed his singing.


One of his lesser known ballads was Change Partners. In the world of Modern “Musical” Entertainment, that title would certainly indicate something nasty but Frank’s songs were not nasty.


Change Partners tells this story...

·       Frank has fallen in love with a lady that is dancing repeatedly with the same dance partner.

·        Frank is dying to get a chance to dance with his new dancing love who does not know that she loves him too.

·        He just knows that, if she would dance with him one single time, she would fall in love with him and they would dance together forever (live happily ever after).

·        He comes up with the idea of tipping a ballroom attendant to tell the dancing guy that he has a phone call.

·        While the dancing guy is going to answer the phone call in the lobby, Frank will ask his future wife to dance (see #3 bullet above).


We in Modern World sometimes have trouble understanding Pre-Modern World. That means several of my dear readers just said to themselves, “Why did he not just answer his cell phone?”


Actually, I'm in Modern World and, in this case, I didn’t see the Modern World as it really is either. Do you see what’s wrong with my picture of these two marathon dancing partners dancing in Modern World? 


Ah Ha! Two of my dear readers are coming around to my way of thinking, seeing and noticing because two of you just said, “In Modern World both the dancing partners would be dancing and talking on their cell phones at the same time.


I’m so proud of two of you!


Would I kid u?