Saturday, September 10, 2016

I Have Moved On From Noticing Things To Quibbling About Things. Should I Consider This Progress?

First Quibble...

Gun, bomb attack on American University in Kabul kills 13

 “KABUL (Reuters) - Thirteen people, including students and a professor, were killed in an attack on the American University in Kabul that had students leaping from the windows in panic, the Afghan government said on Thursday.

The attack began on Wednesday evening with a large explosion from what officials said was a car bomb followed by gunfire, as suspected militants stormed into the complex where foreign staff and pupils were working.”

Do you see my Quibble? You don’t? Go back and read it again. I’ll click here and wait... Waiting Music


You still don’t see my quibble words? Unbelievable!


Let me recap the violent keywords in the excerpt above...Gun, Bomb Attack, Kills 13, Large Explosion, Car Bomb, Gunfire and Stormed Into.


I give up on you. After all this time of my trying to improve your powers of observation, I am forced to feed you the Key Quibble Words...”Suspected Militants”. These bad guys are only suspected of being militants?!


I’m sure, you feel ashamed of yourself now.


Second Quibble...

‘Breaking Bad’ Actor RJ Mitte: We Need More Disabled People Working in TV

“LOS ANGELES— “Breaking Bad” star RJ Mitte stated in an interview with the Irish Examiner on Wednesday that there isn’t enough exposure for disabled actors in the film and TV industry. The American actor, who himself is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, believes that disabled figures in the media should receive as much screen time as able-bodied actors.”


I must not understand what this Mitte guy (whoever that is) is getting at. Is he saying that half of all actors have to be disabled? Is that realistic? Is that reflective of the makeup of the population in general? Is he nuts?


What’s next?...

Ø In all Movies and TV Shows actors with Spaces Between Their Front Teeth must have screen time equal to actors without Spaces Between Their front Teeth.

Ø If there cannot be found enough Spaced Teeth Actors, should Non-Spaced Teeth Actors be required to have their teeth spaced before they can renew their actor license?

Ø Should actors who, as children, had their spaces removed with braces be required to have the spaces put back?


Don’t laugh. These are serious questions.


Would I kid u?