Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Useless Inventions

A few nights ago I watched a very informative documentary on TV about Thomas Edison. Wow! Now there was an inventor! He really was into the Invention Business big time!

We don’t see the likes of him around much anymore. I have been looking at Inventions/Innovations we are all familiar with, provided you are of my age, and I am amazed that anyone paid any attention to what these people came up with...


Ø Wires... For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would bother draping wire between their electronic equipment. That’s what Bluetooth is for! Why did we not always just use Bluetooth? Instead, we have been tripping over and untangling wires all these many years. Unconscionable!

Ø Paper Highway Maps... I realize that Gas Stations used to give them to us for free but that does not make it any better. Why did we not just use our GPS? I can see that you are dumbfounded trying to come up with a logical reason why we would not just simply use our GPS Systems but, don’t waste your time, there is none! Besides, think of all the trees we killed making those useless maps. It’s a wonder there are any trees left at all.

Ø Phone Booths... These things used to be everywhere. What a waste! Did you ever see anyone take their cell phones into a phone booth to make a call? I never did. And furthermore, the automobile is the perfect Phone Booth. It is comfortable, you getting to where you want to go as you use it and nobody has been peeing in your car!


Oh well, I guess I don’t have to understand everything.


Would I kid u?