Friday, August 26, 2016

If You Are About As Old As I Am, You Will Remember… “Save Your Confederate Money, Boys, The South Will Rise Again!”

This Foolishness...Or Is It is not about Confederate Money but you can go online and buy Movie Money and then you can go out and buy stuff.

Better yet, go get out your dusty Monopoly Game and use that because there are a lot of suckers out there and the Monopoly Money just may be Dusty Closet Gold.

Did I just hear you say, “What the heck are you talking about?” I thought you would never ask…

I give you full warning. You are going to think I am making this one up.

Over the last month, all of the bullet points below have been flying around where I live...

  • $1,000 worth of Lawn Equipment was purchased at one of our Walmarts using 10 Movie Money $100 Bills (intended to be used as props in making movies).
  • Later that same day one of the items was returned to another Walmart for cash.
  • One of the thieves is also suspected of using the Movie Money to make purchases in another county but details of this caper have not been provided by my newspaper.
  • A private citizen sold his 2001 VW Beetle to 2 guys for 13 $100 Movie Money Bills.
  • Hours later the same 2 guys bought another private citizen’s 2006 Volvo for 20 $100 Movie Money Bills.

What’s wrong with us? (Does it not seem to you that I am asking this What’s Wrong With Us question more and more all the time?)


Someone ain’t paying attention. This is Fake Money. It does not even come very close to looking like real money because it is written on the bills that the bills are to be used for motion picture making only.


If the perpetrators get caught, it is possible that they will get off the hook because their fate will be in the hands of our crack Judicial System. I can just hear their lawyers pleading their cases...

  • But your Honor, you can’t pin these crimes on my clients. They are too stupid to know better.
  • But your Honor, my clients were being left behind by their neighbors. All of their neighbors had lots of lawn equipment and they hardly had any.
  • But your Honor, my clients all are too poor to afford reading glasses. I’m sure you will agree that the words which stipulated that the money was to be used in the making of movies only were written quite small. My clients just could not read the warning.
  • If your Honor will not accept the above bullet point as valid, I will be compelled to ask for a recess during which I will make up a compelling argument stipulating that my clients are illiterate and they simply could not read the warning.

I can just hear the His Honor saying to the lawyers, “I must commend you. You have made some very good points, counselor!”


Would I kid u?