Wednesday, August 17, 2016

You May Find This Hard To Believe… Even Though My Last Blog Was Very Long, It Was Unfinished

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Our Federal, State, County and City Rulers ought to follow the example of California’s Revolutionary Zero-Emissions Bill and become pro-active with this type legislation to make our country what our Founding Fathers always envisioned it was to become.

Laws ought to be passed along these lines. They could be called Founding Fathers’ Bucket List Laws...
Ø In order to reduce Murders in the Good Ole USofA, a law ought to be passed that will require that the Murder Rate be reduced by 27% five years from the date that the law goes into effect.
Ø In order to prevent future tax increases, drivers all over the Fruited Plain ought to be required to park in No Parking Areas so that they can be ticketed.
Ø The Divorce Rate in America is growing at an alarming rate. A law ought to be passed that would prohibit marriage. It will not be long before we can all be proud of our Low Divorce Rate.
I could go on because I am full of these types of innovated ideas. In fact ever since I began writing Foolishness...Or Is It? 11 years ago I have been told many times that I was full of it.
Would I kid u?