Tuesday, August 16, 2016

This Is The Easiest Way To Turn The People’s Hopes Into Reality. This Is Especially True If The People Don’t Have The Same Hopes That You Tell Them They Ought To Have.

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A California Lawmaker next week will introduce a bill requiring 15 percent of all vehicles sold in the state to be Emissions Free by 2025. 

It hit me like a ton of bricks! How simple! Our rulers just need to decide what’s best for us, or what it is that they want to do to us, and pass a law that requires that we do what the law requires us to do.


Back to California’s Mental Midget Legislative Process. I see some problems with this Make It Happen Dictate. You may not see what I see but remember I spent my working years inside the Automotive Industry and I rose to the highest level possible in a mediocre career. I know of which I speak...Or do I?


Ø California’s Governor Moonbeam has set an ambitious goal of 1.5 million Electric Cars by 2025.

Ø Even if he could require the automotive manufacturers to make enough Electric Cars to reach 1.5 million, there would still be problems.

Ø What if the good people of California don’t want to buy Electric Cars?

Ø Maybe the rulers of California will institute an Electric Car Buyer Lottery Selection Process (ECBLSP) that would be used to select those California Minions that would be required to buy an Electric Car.

Ø If they already had an Electric Car, they could be declared exempt and the ECBLSP would be spun again and another Mandatory Electric Car Buyer would be designated.

Ø If the people selected to buy an Electric Car already had a Polluting Car and don’t feel they need to replace it, another law could be passed whereby they would be required to destroy the Polluting Car they own and buy an Electric Car for the greater good of the State of California.

Ø The Mandatory Electric Car Buyers would, of course, be prohibited from trading in their Polluting Car on their new Electric Car because this would negate the long term positive effect on the California Air Quality because, if they traded it in, the old Polluting Car would still be out there and being driven by some other uncaring citizen.

Ø In order to comply with the need to destroy Polluting Cars in the 2 bullets above, the state should construct and force private businessmen to purchase and operate 386 Car Grind Up Into Little Pieces Machines to grind up the Polluting Cars into little pieces.

Ø In order to not place an undue burden on those people who have to destroy their Polluting Cars, the state should fix the maximum charge for grinding up a car at $500 (which will automatically become the minimum charge).

Ø The state will take under advisement a proposal for instituting a Rebate Program that would pay those good citizens who are required to grind up their cars an offset of $25 to be used towards the $500 maximum but now the minimum grind up fee.

Ø It should be noted that the above bulleted Rebate Program is not a commitment by the state. As stated, it is only being taken Under Advisement. It is not the state’s responsibility to assist in any way those citizens who chose on their own to buy Air Polluting Vehicles.


I could go on and on because I learned a lot about cars in my rise up the latter of mediocre success in the Automotive Industry but I will stop now. My fingers are tired and I feel confident that the Rulers of California will plug all the loopholes I may have missed.


Would I kid u?