Monday, July 25, 2016

Are We Evil Because We Are Free?

I read recently an editorial page in one of our major newspapers that said we can’t go around imposing freedom on other countries.

I understand that we can’t go around the world and make people free at the point of a gun. We certainly cannot accomplish such a Herculean Task in the near future because Football Season is about to start.

OK, so we can’t Impose Freedom but are we not allowed to say anything at all about what we deem to be Wrong, Evil, Improper or Not Nice?...

Ø What if a country has always made it a practice to deport people with spaces between their front teeth? Are we allowed to even ask, “Why do you do that?”

Ø What if a country has a dictator that takes all of the taxes paid in his country and puts it into a Swiss Bank Account for his retirement? Are we allowed to point out that our rulers do not do this?...Or do they?

Ø What if a country’s dictator wants to take over Kazantzakis because it is so hard to spell? Are we allowed to point out that the emergence of Google makes Spelling Difficulty no longer a valid reason to conquer a country?

Why am I being so silly? I guess I just find it difficult to believe “imposing” and “freedom” are mentioned in the same sentence.

Would I kid u?