Tuesday, July 19, 2016

General Sherman Said This About The Possibility Of Becoming President Of The United States...If Nominated, I Will Not Run. If Elected, I Will Not Serve!

Strange things are happenings outside Acme Widgets, Inc...There is a guy walking up and down in front of Acme Widgets with a sign that says, “Henry Deserves the Raise! Give the Raise To Henry!

A reporter from the Daily Planet walks up to the guy with the sign and asks if he is Henry and he replies he is not.

The reporter presses on, “If you are not Henry, who is Henry?”

The Sign Carrier tells the reporter to look through the window of Acme Widgets and goes on to explain to the Reporter, “You see the guy on his knees with his hands folded pleading with the Mr. Acme? That’s Henry. He is pleading with Mr. Acme to not give him the raise”.

The reporter is very confused, so he presses on, “Why do neither of you want a raise in your salary?

The Sign Carrier looks at the reporter as if he is the most out of touch person on Earth and says, “Where have you been? I make $120,000 a year. Mr. Acme wants to give me a promotion and a $10,000 annual increase in salary. Have you not heard that President Hillary is giving any person making less than $125,000 a free college education for all their children? I have 5 children. Do the Math, son! Don’t you know how much money that is?”

General Sherman’s comments updated to the 21st Century...

If you try and give me a raise, I will not accept it! If you succeed in direct depositing it into my account, I will quit!

Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: Don’t worry about where all that money is going to come from. That’s why we invented China.