Saturday, July 16, 2016

I Know What’s Wrong With The Supreme Court And It’s Not What You Think I Know...Or Is It?

There you go trying to read my mind. Now you are being Foolishness. I have trouble knowing my own mind and, if you think you can read what I don’t know about my mind, you are really confused.

Despite the above opening paragraph, I am going to proceed with this Blog Posting anyway.

You think I think that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is suffering from Dementia, right. That is a possibility but I’m not going to go there. I’m going to go here...

New England Quarterback Tom Brady Is Thinking About Taking His DeflateGate 4 Game Suspension To The Supreme Court Of The United States.

The Smartfella has this to say about that...Huh? With all the Really Big Catastrophic Happenings in the Good Ole USofA, the Supreme Court might get involved in this Mole Hill Issue...Huh? (That’s 2 “...Huh?’s” in one paragraph. I don’t do that very often.)


However, this Silliness did peak my interest. I got out my Potted Plant Outfit and headed for Washington, D.C. It was amazing how easily I got into the inner chambers of the Supreme Court. I just hopped right through all their Radar Detectors with no trouble while all those security guards were feverously frisking everything in sight.


What I heard in there was Disheartening, Disconcerting and Downright Silly. I found myself thinking, “If this is what these people do in their Secret Deliberations, it’s no wonder their Secret Deliberations are Secret”.


Here’s the gist of what the Robes were saying to themselves...

OK, this could be big! Really big! (I looked around for William Shatner but, unless he was dressed up as a Potted Plant, he was not there.) clip_image002 

What do we have on our plate? All we have before us is Taking Away Freedom of Speech, Abortion Rights, Protection of the Right of People To Blow Up Other People and that 2nd Amendment Thingy about the People’s Right To Bear Arms.  

Before we proceed, will one of you wake up Ruth?

Yea, we all agree that these are pretty heavy issues but, come on guys and gals, this is Tom Brady! This is about Football! This is Important!

One day you may get me to concede that I do not have a Potted Plant Outfit but you will never get me to believe that, if I did have a Potted Plant Outfit, I would have heard this kind of Foolishness in those Sacred Secret Chambers.


It really does not matter whether or not I have a Potted Plant Outfit because I can always fall back on my Fly On The Wall Getup.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: I just heard where Tom Brady has decided to not take his 4 Game Suspension to the Supreme Court. Looks like The Robe People have dodged another bullet.