Friday, May 27, 2016

The Polight Part III...It Is Here!

Do I know what I am talking about or what!?

8 years ago (2008 presidential election) I published the first Foolishness about The Polight.


4 years ago (2012 presidential election) I refreshed your collective memories by publishing The Polight again.


I am now going to publish it again because The Future Is Here! Read The Polight Post again below & then read about why I just said The Future Is Here. (If you make it a practice to read The Polight Post so often that you have it memorized, you can just skip to the bottom & see The Future That Is Here.)


The Polight (Part 2)

The word “Polight” is derived from a combination of “Politician” & “Light”.

Almost 4 years ago I posted the first Foolishness...Or Is It? about the Polight. Today I have revised it because of the current Presidential Election.


There ought to be a law requiring a red light be surgically implanted on the top of the head of any candidate running for President. The light would function as follow...

Ø  If the candidate were speaking a lie, the light would turn on.

Ø  If the candidate were making a proposal that was physically impossible to actually be implemented, the light would turn on. For Example: “My fellow Americans, today I am proposing that all B52’s that I send to drop nuclear bombs on anyone anywhere have a gear or a gadget or a doohickey installed that will allow the pilot to be able to stop forward flight and reverse direction within 25 feet, just in case I change my mind.”


Because of some politician's propensity to lie unceasingly or make statements on subjects about which they have no knowledge, the Polight would have to be rigged so that it would blink every 20 seconds. If this were not the case and the light stayed on all the time, voters might begin to think the Polight was broken. Then where would we be?


I can hear you out there saying to yourselves, that this is Foolishness. However, can you picture in your mind’s eye how wonderful it would be if only this Foolish Device really existed?


Would I kid u?



Here if The Future I promised above. I found this today on the Internet (that means you know it is true). I’m so excited!


Ø There is an app called "moodies" which can already tell in which mood you are.

Ø By 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions if you are lying.

Ø Imagine a political debate where the Facial Expressions App is being used to tell the audience when the politicians are telling the truth and when they are not.


It’s going to be a (my) Dream Come True!


Would I kid u?