Wednesday, April 13, 2016

All Politics Are Local

If saying something over & over makes the something said fact, then the Subject of this posting must be true because we have all heard All Politics Are Local said over & over.

I will give you proof of something I heard said over & over in 1992...

Ø 1992 was a Presidential Election Year.

Ø It was the year that Clinton (the Bill), Bush (the H.W.) & Perot (the Non Politician Outsider) all ran for President of the Good Ole USofA.

Ø That was also the year my wife & I went to London.

Ø Before we left on our trip, I heard over & over the Recession we were suffering through called, “The George Bush Recession”.

I was comfortable with the Recession being called, George Bush’s Recession because he was the President & we all know that Presidents are responsible for everything bad that happens to us. Besides, I had heard that it was George Bush’s Recession so often, it must have been true... Or was it?

When we were unpacking in our room London hotel room, I had the TV on to the Local News. What came out of that TV made me drop my socks. The Talking Head called the current English recession John Major’s Recession. (John Major was the British Prime Minister at that time).

Have I made my point?

Would I kid u?