Monday, March 07, 2016

There May Be Hope For Us After All

If you have read my Foolishness...Or Is It Blog for awhile, you are well aware that I often write about the evils of the Smartphone...

Ø Texting while driving.

Ø Not starting up when the red light has changed to green.

Ø Head tilted 85 degrees to the left in order to secure a cell phone against a shoulder while driving & applying finger nail polish.

Ø Driving while eating a sub sandwich in one hand with a little white dog in your lap with a cell phone in your other hand (Since you remember everything I blog, I am sure you remember that I actually saw this Vehicular Gymnastics with my own eyes).

This Blog Posting will now conclude by referring you to a Link about a story that appeared in my local newspaper that is the reason why the Subject of this posting is, “There May Be Hope For Us After All”.

I cannot kid u because I am all choked up.


Lagniappe: The article is wonderful but it did tickle me when that teenager said, “It wasn’t as bad as you would think it’d be”.

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