Monday, February 22, 2016

The 2,713 Issue Non-Voter

This Foolishness...Or Is It is about a very Conscientious Voter. He studies the issues. He quit his job years ago & now spends his time watching CNN, Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR & all the others all day long.

He turns on his local radio stations on the hour & the half hour & listens to the News, Traffic & Weather (never realizing that the News, Traffic & Weather is 95%Commercials).

He has made a computerized list of 2,713 Key Issues that are important to him. He is looking for a candidate who feels the same about all of his 2,713 Key Issues. As the Big Election approaches a certain candidate is more & more capturing his attention.

Then one day he finds his Perfect Candidate is not Perfect. He is devastated when he realizes that his candidate does not support 1 of his 2,713 Key Issues. Right then & there he determines that he cannot possibly vote for such an Awful Candidate.

The end result is our Conscientious Voter does not vote after all. As they say on the Nightly News... He Sits This One Out.

The candidate who gets elected does not support 2,712 of our Non-Voting Conscientious Voter Key Issues but it just so happens that he does support the 1 Key Issue that turned him into a Non-Voter because his Perfect Candidate proved to be Imperfect.

After the Newly Elected Candidate gets into office he announces he “Has Evolved” with regard to that 1 Key Issue & he no longer supports it.

Ready For The Moral?

The Only Candidate Who Agrees With You On All Your Key Issues Is You (& you are not running for office).

If you think this blog posting is confusing, think how confused you would be if you had had to peck it out.

Would I kid u?



Thinking Intelligent Voters... If they would only vote if they found a candidate that agreed with them on all their key issues, none of them would vote.

Non-Thinking Unintelligent Not Conscientious Voters... That leaves them to decide everything for us.