Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Was Hillary Clinton So Happy After Her Devastating Defeat In New Hampshire?

This Is What Democracy Looks Like!...Or Does It?

The reason she was not worried is because she knew something very few of us know about...Super Delegates.

Are you tired of the never ending attack on your senses every day & night about the current Presidential Campaign? Of course you are. The only way you could not be tired of all this craziness is if you were blind, deaf & had been locked in cellar in Tibet for the last year & a half with your only companions being those 3 Monkeys...See No Evil, Speak No Evil & Hear No Evil.

It is mind numbing to think about all the money that was spent in Iowa & New Hampshire.

It is not just the money but it is also the effort that has gone into these 2 pip squeak states...Town Hall Meetings (one candidate said he did 107 in New Hampshire), News Conferences, TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, Speeches, Interviews, Focus Groups, Signage, Lie Creation Work Shops, etc.

Since all this has been done to get Delegates, let’s take a look at the Delegate Count after Iowa & New Hampshire...

  • Clinton has 32 delegates.
  • Sanders has 36 delegates.

By law I may not be entitled to make an Editorial Comment but, if I were so entitled, I would say something like, “All of this for only 68 delegates? Now there is a waste! If they had spent that amount of money & effort to cure cancer, it would not be long before we would be remembering its devastating effects not experiencing its devastating effects.”

The end result up until this point is we have a Nip (32) & Tuck (36) Contest! We have a Real Horse Race! We have a Battle Royal! ... Or do we?

Enter the Super delegates. The real count after the Super Delegates are factored in is...

  • Clinton has 461 delegates.
  • Sanders has 50 (lucky Sanders himself is a Super Delegate or his count would only be 49 & then he would really be in trouble).

Now I ask you, is it fair that we have been subjected to all of this noise & consternation for only 68 Delegates?

Since it takes 2,382 to win the Democrat Nomination, 712 (30%) Super Delegates are a powerful group of people!

Makes you almost wish you were Deaf, Blind & in a Cellar in Tibet.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: Did I hear you just say that the Republicans are just as bad? The Fella is about to make you wish you had not just said that to yourself. The Republicans do not have any Super delegates. Could it be that Republicans are more Democratic than Democrats?