Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Being A Good Winner Is Easy But Being A Sore Loser Is Hard Work

In all the Hullabaloo about how Cam Newton handled himself in the Super Bowl 50 Press Conference, I noticed something he said in the Press Conference that has not been commented on by anyone. I am now going to comment on the Not Commented On...

“It wasn't nothing special that they did”

Sir Isacked Newton has just written Newton’s Nonsensical Law of Football. All of what you are about to read below, according Sir Isacked Newton, equates to Nothing Special...

Ø Super Bowl 50 was 1 of the 3 games this season in which Newton did not throw a Touchdown Pass...Something Special!

Ø Newton had a season low 55.2 Passer Rating...Something Special!

Ø Newton was sacked a season high 6 times...Something Special!

Ø While Newton was sacked 6 times, receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. also was sacked once on an aborted trick play. The 7 sacks matched the most by a team in the Super Bowl...Something Special!

Ø Newton was sacked once in each of the previous 2 playoff games but, as stated above, 6 times in this game...Something Special!

Ø Newton was pressured 21 times a season record against the Panthers...Something Special!

Ø The Broncos seemingly dominated from beginning to end...Something Special!

Ø Newton fumbled twice. One resulted in a touchdown & one led to a touchdown...Something Special!

Ø Both of Newton’s fumbles were Strip Fumbles by the same man, Von Miller...Something Special!

Ø On Von Miller’s first strip of Newton he burst through and didn't even go for the sack. He reached directly for the ball and stripped it from Newton. The ball then rolled to the goal line, where Malik Jackson pounced on it for a 10-0 lead...Something Special!

Ø Von Miller had 6 tackles, 2 1/2 sacks, 2 hurries, 2 forced fumbles and 1 pass defensed...Something Special!

Ø Newton seemed pretty stressed the whole game...Something Special!

Ø Carolina led the league with 500 points but in Super Bowl 50 it was held to its fewest points of the season...Something Special!

Ø Place Kicker McManus kicked 3 Field Goals (he had kicked 5 against Pittsburg in an earlier playoff game)...Something Special!

Ø Bronco’s Jordon Norwood ran back the longest punt return in Super Bowl History...Something Special!

Ø According to Kevin Clark in the Wall Street Journal, “Broncos players and coaches said after the game that the Panthers didn’t do anything Denver hadn’t seen before on game film. But the Broncos did plenty new”...Something Special!

Ø Sometimes a Broncos Rusher (including MVP Von Miller) did something very special by doing nothing. They did not rush Newton. This left a defender in the middle of the field where Newton did not expect there to be a defender. This confused Newton about what he had decided to do before he snapped the ball...Something Special!

Ø Again according to Kevin Clark in the Wall Street Journal, “The game was a 60-minute example of how to stop the dynamic Panthers offense, which led the NFL in scoring this season. How did they do it? A brilliant convergence of game plan, athleticism and defensive discipline that combined to give Newton his worst game at the worst possible time”...Something Special!

Ø Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan had one career fumble recovery in 56 career games coming into Super Bowl 50. He had two fumble recoveries against the Panthers, the second of which came in the third quarter after Denver safety T.J. Ward intercepted Newton. Ward stumbled as he got to his feet and lost the ball as he was tackled, but Trevathan was able to pounce on it, maintaining possession for Denver at its own 7-yard line...Something Special!

One final point...By saying, “It Wasn’t Nothing Special” Sir Isacked Newton was actually using a Double Negative to say it was Something because if it Wasn’t Nothing it Must Have Been Something.

What a guy! He is even in control of the English Language...Or is he?

Would I kid u?