Saturday, January 30, 2016

Guaranteed To Be Silvact Free

Below is a Blog I sent out 2 years ago. I know you are excited to have the opportunity to read it again (below) but, before you do, I am adding this Gluten Update from Consumer Reports...

Beware Of: Gluten Myths. Unless you are one of just 7% of Americans who have a reaction to gluten, there is no reason to avoid it. In fact, gluten may be good for you, by helping blood pressure and inflammation. Gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean healthier. Gluten-free foods often have more fat, more sugar and are more expensive than other foods.


Here Is the Blog from February 2013…


In America today we are worried about lots of things attacking us. One of our new fears has gotten to be one of our biggest fears…

We Are All Afraid Of Gluten

We lie awake at night hoping that the Gluten that is already in us will not clog something up, make our hearts attack us, stop something from functioning properly or start something like pimples functioning that ought to be lying dormant.

Millions of Americans are now feeling comfortable with themselves because they are on a Gluten Free Diet.

However, research has shown that 87.4% of Americans are on a Gluten free Diet & 72.7% of that 87.4% do not know what Gluten is.

I wonder how much frenzy could be created if someone with a morbid sense of humor made up a mysterious word that sounded like something Americans ought to be worried about and spread fear about all the evils it can do to the human body.

This type of Information Dissemination is one of the “benefits” of the Internet

A word like Silvact ought to do the trick. Who in the heck wants to get all clogged up with Silvact?

Actually it would not be a lie to advertise that your product is Silvact Free because your product is Silvact Free because there is no such thing as Silvact.

Back To Gluten...

The real shock to Glutenless Americans is going to be when National Enquirer reveals that “Gluten Free” does not mean there is no Gluten in there. It only means they just do not charge you for the Gluten that is in there.

Would I kid u?