Friday, January 08, 2016

One More Time...What Was It I Did That Was So Bad?

Years ago I latched onto a Charge that had been filed against a Vandal for spray painting a column on our local City Hall.

Did your logical mind just race ahead & say to you, “That’s Vandalism!” If so, your Racing Mind just proved that it is stuck in the Logical Past.

In Modern America, the Vandal is not a Vandal anymore. This Vandal’s crime was that he was an Interferer because he was actually charged with “Interfering with Government Property”.

This charge makes one think that the Column wanted to move around to the other side of City Hall to get out of the sun & the Interferer got in its way & prevented it from moving where it longed to go.


All of the above is a lead-in to today’s silliness. My newspaper tells me that one of the officers who is charged with the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore is charged with “Second-Degree Depraved-Heart Murder” which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Making the assumption that the officer is found guilty of “Second-Degree Depraved-Heart Murder”, one almost has to feel sorry for the officer. Try & get your mind’s eye (whatever that is) to picture this scene...

The “Second-Degree Depraved-Heart Murder” Found Guilty & Incarcerated Officer is in year 27 of his 30 year sentence. He is sitting across from his attorney talking through that little hole in that bullet-proof glass in the prison’s visiting room & as he says to his attorney, “You know how I hate to be repetitious & I know I have asked this question 317 times before but can you please explain to me one more time what Second-Degree Depraved-Heart Murder is?”

Would I kid u?