Friday, January 01, 2016

Old Guy Tries To Help Out The Young Guy & The Young Guy’s Response

The Old Guy Has Been Around For A Long Time & Knows Quite A Few Things

The Old Guy uses a quote from The Noticer (yea, there is another Noticer out there) to make a potentially life changing point to the Young Guy...

“Remember, young man, experience is not the best teacher. Other people's experience is the best teacher. By reading about the lives of great people, you can unlock the secrets to what made them great.”
Andy Andrews, The Noticer: Sometimes, All a Person Needs Is a Little Perspective

The Young Guy Has Been Around For Only A Short Time & Knows Everything

The Young Guy (aka: The Dude) says to the Old Guy, “I don’t have time to do that. I’ve got a busy schedule today. I’ve got to hang out with my friends, catch up on my tweeting & take a lot of selfies. I take a lot of selfies every day.”

The Old Guy says to the Young Guy, “Is that really important?”

The Young Guy says to the Old Guy, “You bet, ya. These things are very important!”

The Old Guy thinks to himself, “That’s the problem. He really believes those things are important.”

Would I kid u?