Thursday, November 26, 2015

Funny Things Come In Twos

My Blog is named Foolishness...Or Is It? The first of my two twos is going to strike many of you as shear unmitigated silly foolishness because it is so far out that you are going to shout at your computer, “He made that up! That could not have happened!”


  • I was crossing a street yesterday on a four lane road.
  • There were two cars stopped on my left waiting for the light to change as I walked by.
  • Both cars were occupied by young good looking ladies.
  • Since they were both young good looking ladies, I looked at them.
  • Neither one of them was talking on or pecking at their Smartphones.

I just heard the mockery out there in Blog World. Many of you are jeering at me for daring to think that I could make you think it is possible to find two drivers of automobiles anywhere in the Good Ole USofA who are not on their Smartphones.

This is a cross I have to bear. If I am going to be world famous as a Blogger of Note, I have to accept the fact that, no matter how true what I peck out is, there are many that will not believe me.


The second of my twos (actually it is two twos) is easier to believe because each of you will instantly see the absolute necessity of spending this two.

My sources in Washington, D.C. have told me on the Condition of Anonymity that President Obama is preparing to issue an Executive Order outlawing all use of Cell Phones in the Good Ole USofA.

He is fully cognizant of the biggest problem his action is going to create & he is borrowing from China the sum of Two Billion Dollars to teach Americans how to again drive with two hands on their steering wheels.

Would I kid u?