Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We Know Our Rulers Lie To Us But Is It Possible To Get To The Truth Anywhere?

For the first 20 minutes after the Internet was invented we were all saying, “I know it is true. I saw it on the Internet”. Then the twenty first minute came along and the world was never the same.
The guy who performed my annual Vehicle Emissions Inspection is from South Africa. We got to talking about why he came to the United States and he said it was because South Africa was a complete disaster that was getting more disastrous with each passing year.
I decided to check out what he told me and I went to the Internet to find out the truth. This is what I found when I searched to see how well the South African Economy was doing.
The Good News Article Published July 26, 2015...
While much of the world staggered in the wake of the global financial meltdown, South Africa has managed to stay on its feet – largely due to its prudent fiscal and monetary policies.
The country is politically stable and has a well capitalized banking system, abundant natural resources, well developed regulatory systems as well as research and development capabilities, and an established manufacturing base.
Ranked by the World Bank as an “upper middle-income country”, South Africa is the largest economy in Africa – and it remains rich with promise.
With a world-class and progressive legal framework, South African legislation governing commerce, labor and maritime issues is particularly strong, and laws on competition policy, copyright, patents, trademarks and disputes conform to international norms and standards. The country's modern infrastructure supports the efficient distribution of goods throughout the southern African region.
The Bad News Article Published July 13, 2015...
Foreign investors are sending the Johannesburg Stock Exchange soaring to record highs, even as South Africa’s economy crumbles around it.
Not much in this continent’s second-largest economy after Nigeria looks as upbeat as the 127-year-old Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Business confidence fell to a 16-year low this month. Rolling power blackouts have slashed mining and manufacturing output, and some economists are forecasting annual economic growth of less than 2% for a second consecutive year.
The mining industry has been hammered by slower economic growth in China and weak commodity prices, as well as domestic issues including months long strikes, power outages and higher costs for both wages and electricity.
Mining heavyweights are some of the JSE’s worst performers. The world’s No. 1 platinum producer Anglo American Platinum Ltd. is down 26% this year. Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. is down 34% and Gold Fields Ltd. is down 25% since the start of 2015.
Do you see any differences in these two articles? I sure do but that may be because I am a Stickler (for the Truth) and Sticklers are on the Endangered Species List. Every day I see Certified Fellow Sticklers say, “Oh well, close enough”.
Would I kid u?

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