Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting Good Employees Is Easy. All You Need Do Is Hire Good Employees…Or Is It That Easy?

Recently I saw on TV where the Secret Service Director stated that in his capacity as Secret Service Director he can't fire people without a lot of hurdles being jumped through.

Recently I saw where the Drug Enforcement Administrator said she can't fire people because of the restrictions put on her by Civil Service Laws.

The Smartfella is here to say that these two big time Federal Government Department Heads are not alone. I dare say all Federal Government Department Heads feel the same restrictions when it comes to getting rid of bad employees.

As you have come to expect of me, I have a fix to propose...

Don't Hire Bad Employees

I told you I had an answer. Another Blog Posting well done! I'm so proud of myself!

Just a moment. There was someone shouting at me over my shoulder as I was pecking out my own pat on my own back above.

I am being told that I am ill informed about that of which I speak. My attacker is shouting at me saying I don't know what I am talking about because I have overlooked the Internal Revenue Service.

It is a universally understood rule that people in charge of hiring don't rehire former workers who caused trouble or had poor performance issues during prior employment. This is, however, not the universe that the IRS does its hiring in.

Of the more than 7,000 former employees the IRS hired between January 2010 and September 2013, 824 (12%) of them were found to have had poor performance & poor conduct issues during their prior employment with the IRS.

This startling information was reported in a new oversight report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. TIGTA reviewed a random sample of more than 300 re-hired employees who had poor conduct or poor performance issues in the past and found that 20% had developed new poor conduct or poor performance issues during their second go-round with the IRS.

Problem behaviors have included employees who...

  • Willfully failed to file their tax returns.
  • Gained unauthorized access to taxpayer information.
  • Abused the agency's leave policy.
  • Misused IRS property.
  • Falsified official forms.
  • Had behavioral or legal problems off-duty such as alcoholism.
  • Generally did a bad job since being re-hired.

This is the Federal Government's Classic Example of being between a Rock & a Hard Place of their own making... They can't fire bad employees but they re-hire former employees who were bad employees before they became former employees.

Have no fear. I again have a fix. I propose that we hire a whole bunch of bureaucrats to keep an eye on the former bad employees who have been re-hired so as to ascertain if they are bad employees…again.

My brilliant idea is not so brilliant after all because, if it is determined that they are bad employees again, the IRS can't fire them.

Would I kid u?