Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I Am Ashamed Of Myself!

In the NCAA ESPN Bracket Competition:
Ø I was in 21,337th place. That means 21,336 pickers were better than I was.
Ø My percentage (don't ask me how they figure this out) was 99.8%. That sounds pretty good but it is still .2 percentage points below perfection, which is always my goal.
Ø I accumulated 1,570 points (don't ask me how they figure this out). The National Bracket Winners had 1,830. This means I was a whopping 260 points below those 2 guys.
On the other hand, when compared to the President of the United States, I did pretty good...
Ø Our leader was in 6,996,358th place. That means I was 6,965,021 places better than he was.
Ø His percentage was 38.5%. That means I was 61.3 percentage points better than he was.
Ø He accumulated 760 points. That means I had 810 more points than he did.
The Bottom Line... Considering some of the crazy reasons the voters in the Good Ole USofA give for voting for whom they vote...
I am hereby announcing my Candidacy For President of the United States
Would I kid u?
Lagniappe: Of course I'll need a slogan. Do you think "I Am 6,965,021 Times Better Than Your Current President" is catchy enough?