Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Negotiating With Iran or Why Bother?

Let your mind's Eye (whatever that is) wander with Fella for a minute. Let's say it's Super Bowl Sunday. The coaches for the 2 teams are on the field in heated negotiations about...

Ø What will the inflation of the ball be.

Ø How many players can be on the field at one time.

Ø How long the game will last.

The fans are sitting in the stands saying to their collective selves, Why are the coaches wasting their time? The Commissioner of the NFL has already...

Ø Flatly & publically stated that they will not be allowed to use a football.

Ø He has forbidden any player from leaving the locker room.

Ø He has personally disconnected the electricity from the game clock & said he will not plug it back in.

There you go again saying there I go again being silly, pecking out foolishness & wasting your time...Or am I?

This is what is happening in our negotiations with Iran. The real power in Iran is the Ayatollah. He is like a bearded Lola. Remember the Broadway Play Damn Yankees?


Whatever Lola Wants.

Lola Gets.


My newspaper tells me the following...

"But after more than 18 months of direct negotiations, Western officials said there are signs Mr. Khamenei hasn’t empowered his negotiators to give ground on the few remaining sticking points.

These include the pace at which United Nations sanctions on Iran would be removed, the scope of Tehran’s future nuclear work, and the ability of international inspectors to access the country’s nuclear and military sites."

Few Remaining Sticking Points? Huh? These 3 things look to me like they are the reasons why the "negotiations" were ever started in the first place...

Ø Sanctions removed.

Ø Future bomb making activity.

Ø Inspections about bomb making activity.

I just had a visit from one of our crack negotiators. He was looking over my shoulder as I pecked out this Blog Posting. He got really excited & red faced as he shouted at me, "What do you mean we have not made any progress of substance? You don't know what you are talking about! We have made a lot of progress! We agreed what time we would break for lunch! We agreed not to hold meetings while Iran's Soccer Team was playing a match! We agreed that our respective little flags on the negotiating table would be of the same size & height! Fella, you ought to have your blogging license pulled!"

In the Subject of this bit of Foolishness I wrote... "Why Bother?". Now you know why I bothered to say, "Why Bother?". It's because the only guy who can make any decisions did not Bother to attend the negotiation meetings.

Would I kid u?