Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Cry From The Masses To Lawyers

The above subject uses the term "The Masses". That sort of indicates that there are more of us than them. Does it sometimes seem to you that there are more of them (lawyers) than us (masses)?

We are constantly confused by Lawyer Terminology. They like it that way. It gives them power over us.

In this blog posting I will point out a fine example of their never ending Conspiracy To Confuse...

  • Back 1970 to 1972 the Chicago Seven were tried because of all the Consternation & Violence that they orchestrated during the 1968 Democratic Convention.
  • They were eventually (here's where the confusion starts) acquitted of Riot Conspiracy Charges but convicted of Inciting A Riot Charges.
  • They were also convicted of 175 counts of Contempt of Court & sentenced to between 2 to 4 years in prison & fined $5,000 each.
  • Then the other shoe dropped (in Legal World there is always another shoe).
  • None of them served any time in prison because in 1972 a Court of Appeals overturned the criminal convictions & eventually most of the contempt charged were dropped.

Once again our crack Judicial System wasted a lot of time & money getting a useless conviction…aka: No Where.

Does this depress you? I'll try & cheer you up by telling you that not a single one of them was given a Letter of Commendation for Orchestrating Consternation & Violence during the 1968 Democratic Convention...Or were they?

Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: Many say that Shakespeare said… Kill All The Lawyers. I could not verify that he said this using Google but, for the sake of silly, let's say he did. The Fella thinks there is one lawyer that ought not be killed by Shakespeare. All the lawyers that I know that see this are now wondering if they are the one Shakespeare should let be. To each of you I say... Yes, you are the one.clip_image002