Thursday, November 20, 2014

The President & I Know What’s Wrong With The Economy

Yes, the President & I know the problem. Actually it is not just the two of us who are in the know. There is a third person as smart as we are & that person is you.

Did you just say you do not know what you know? If you just open your mind to what your ears are hearing, you would quickly come to the realization that you really know what you don’t know you know.

The manifestation of the problem can be heard daily on your radio. It simply is that radio advertisers are giving away their products for free. No one is making any money!…

  • Program about how to Control your Uncontrollable Teenager.
  • Pills to make you Lose Weight without having to eat less or to eat differently or do any form of exercise.
  • Creams that will Stop Your Itches from itching you.
  • Free Investors Kit. When the stock market goes up, you make money. When the stock market goes down, you make money.
  • Free Makeup Foundation (whatever that is).
  • Credit Reports that are free & some others that are really free.
  • Free Web Sites.
  • Clean Up Your Computer for free.
  • Magical Debt Relief without having to stop spending more money than you have.
  • Free book on how to Buy Gold.
  • Book on how to make your Erectile Dysfunction function again.
  • Stop Low Testosterone for free.

The Problem Is Apparent...Or Is It?

If our economy keeps giving away everything, there will continue to be no generation of income to the economy & our GDP will continue to go deeper into the tank.

The President is doing his best to get a handle on the situation. He keeps going to Hawaii so he can be alone to try & come up with a plan of action to bring this awful situation under control.

We have all seen the news clips on TV of him sitting on the beach for hours. Many times he remains there till the sun goes down with a drink in his hand with a little umbrella it just thinking thinking thinking about this thorny issue.

Would I kid u?



Monday, November 17, 2014

Finally Relief Is Coming For Our Fellow Citizens Trapped In The Awful Violence & Mayhem Of Chicago But It’s Going To Cost Us A Lot Of Money… Or is it?

My sources tell me that our Federal Government is launching a plan to physically relocate our fellow Americans trapped in Chicago for their own safety. Before the end of the year the plan will start to come to fruition...

  • Whole communities will be created where they can escape their awful living conditions in Chicago to new confines where they can begin to live peacefully.
  • Homes will be constructed at taxpayer expense for them to live in safety after their relocation.
  • Our government will arrange for their household good to be packed up transported out of their dangerous living conditions in Chicago.
  • There was a tremendous expression of gratitude when the Chicagoans came out of hiding after seeing the announcement of the “Escape from Hell Relocation Program” on television.

Some Americans were concerned about where the money to finance this costly project was going to come from but were relieved when they heard that the whole project is being funded by borrowing a lot of money from China.

This means it will cost us almost nothing because money borrowed from China does not have to be repaid. We just have to pay a little bit of interest.

One savvy Talking Head was heard to say on TV, “It’s like free money”.

The “Escape from Hell Relocation Program” will cost the Chicago Refugees absolutely nothing.

In truth their only responsibility will be that they must choose whether they want to go live in Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras.

Would I kid u?



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Georgia Has Set Its Foot In The Door & Nobody Told Me

My last blog posting...

“The Rulers Of Colorado Have Determined That Pot Is OK For Coloradans... Or Is It?”

was responded to with this comment...

“Thanks. Is this what we can expect from good olde GA after Jan 1st?”

I am one to keep up with the news but I knew nothing about what SmartRichard was talking about but I looked it up on the Internet &, I’m sorry to say, I now know about it.

Here is the text from the news article I found about what my home state intends to do to itself...

Part 1: Medical marijuana is one step closer to becoming legal in Georgia, but it's taken a different form from its original version that passed the House 171-4 last week.

The Senate Health and Human Services committee unanimously approved House Bill 885 on Wednesday, which would legalize a form of medical marijuana in Georgia.

But the bill now also requires insurance companies to cover autism treatment for children ages 6 and under.

A few minutes before the vote, the committee's chairwoman said the medical marijuana bill will be combined with the autism bill.”

(The Smartfella hereby interrupts this quote for a comment.)

If I am one thing it is Logical. What did I just hear you scoff at my claiming to be Logical? OK I will modify that contention of mine to more accurately state that I am Logically Silly.

After reading Part 1 above I could logically assume that, in the interest of transparency, my legislature will now call this bill...

“The Medical Marijuana & Care for Kids Bill”



It is now called “The Care for Kids Bill”

How do you like that for transparency?

I ask you, who in their right mind want to go on record as having voted against a bill called, “The Care for Kids Bill”?

Part 2: Our esteemed transparent Chairwomen went on to say, "We also combined the autism bill with it. We're calling it the Care for Kids Act," she told 13WMAZ. "All the people in this legislature care about the children of Georgia."


The bill to help Autistic Children in Georgia came to fruition because a 4 year old Georgian Child has a condition where she is subjected to 200 Seizures a Day & it appears someone has determined that Medical Marijuana will help her.

As usual, I have an Alternative Course of Action to propose...

  • Send one of our caring legislators to California.
  • Have him go into one of their Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.
  • Go over to the “Doctor” sitting at that little desk in the corner with the stethoscope around his neck, clutching that bottle of bourbon with a sign over his head reading “Lickety Split Prescriptions”.
  • Tell him you have Toe Fungus.
  • Get a prescription for a bunch of Medical Marijuana for your Toe Fungus.
  • Bring your bunch of Medical Marijuana back to our Suffering Georgian Autistic Child.

There you have it, another logical fix for a perplexing issue from The Fella!

Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: There is a possibility that the legislature is not contending that Medical Marijuana will be used to treat this Autistic Child but they just attached it to a pending Autistic Child Help Bill so they could hide it in the Care for Kids Act. If that is the case, the subterfuge is even worse than I thought.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Rulers Of Colorado Have Determined That Pot Is OK For Coloradans... Or Is It?

Colorado has legalized pot. It has been big news ever since the State saw the light and decided to mend its ways. Wiser heads than I say there is no turning back the clock on this one because it was the right thing to do.

The Smartfella, however, sees the real reason why the clock will not go back and that reason is money. The Pot Industry is booming and the Pot Entrepreneurs and the State of Colorado are getting rich!

Almost immediately following the State giving the OK to smoke and/or eat pot it started a campaign to discourage Coloradans from smoking and/or eating pot.

Somebody is confused here and it’s not the Fella...

  • Colorado has instituted a hard-hitting campaign to emphasize to teenagers that pot could be harmful to them.
  • An example of what the campaign looks like is billboards throughout the State that say, “Does Marijuana really cause schizophrenia in teenagers? Smoke it and find out for yourself.”
  • Another sign says, "Subjects needed. Must be teenager. Must smoke weed. Must have eight IQ points to spare."
  • Another phase of the discouragement program is having human size cages located around the state where they can be seen by potential young pot smokers. The message the cages try to convey is pot smokers are becoming laboratory rats.
  • State health officials also say they were concerned by studies showing pot can lead to depression and impairment of cognitive functioning.
    • The campaign is being criticized by pro pot smokers and sellers as Scare Tactics. (The Fella believes Scare Tactics are not intrinsically evil. The key factor is, is there anything to be scared about?)

There is a lot in the above bullets that makes one wonder why Colorado would do such a thing. Do you remember my earlier comments about the State getting rich?

It’s like the State saying something like, “The State of Colorado has determined that there are 26 very valid reasons why pot should not be approved for recreational use in Colorado. We have decided to approve pot for recreational use because there are not 27 very valid reasons why we should not approve it.”

The Smartfella has two questions...

  • If it is unsafe to use why approve it for use?
  • If it is safe to use why spend $5.68 million to discourage its use?

Here is where we come to the full realization of how “smart” the Colorado State Legislature is. Ask yourself this question... Where does the legislature get the $5.68 million to pay for the Anti-Pot Smoking Campaign?

You guessed it... Or did you?...

They're getting the $5.68 million (and a lot more) for the Anti-Pot Smoking Campaign from the revenue generated by their approval of Marijuana for Recreational Use.

If you think you are confused after reading this Foolishness, imagine how confused I am after writing it.

Would I kid u?



Friday, November 07, 2014

Can God Tell Time?

There is another Subject Line I could have written for this bit of Foolishness...

Maybe God Won’t Notice. I Understand He Is Pretty Busy.

Actually I did not write the verbiage below. One of you Dear Readers sent this to me. He is sort of like a voice crying in the wilderness. He is crying, “Oh My Gosh! I am beginning to think like the Smartfella. Is that bad? It may be a good thing because he is rather well known in his very small corner of the world”.

For better or for worst, here is what caught the eye of our new contributor, the Smartherr...

“Thought of you this morning as I was reading the AJC, page 2, story about Egypt changing clocks back and forth. The most recent change was to shorten the fasting time for Ramadan which is supposed to be from dawn to dusk”.

Either they really came up with something totally new that affects the rotation of the earth but only for Egypt, or there are hints that they are not about to become a technologically savvy country any time soon.

Maybe I am too harsh. Our Congress is capable of worse.”

Actually the Smartherr has made me feel guilty after his very first posting. Right out of the box he is taking shots at Congress. He is a frequent reader. Did I turn him against Congress?

Maybe I ought to back off a bit. Why it was only a couple of years ago that I was really pleased by an action taken by our 9% Approval Rated Congress. I actually said to myself, “Self, who says Congress is all messed up? That’s a great name for a Post Office!”

Would I kid u?



Thursday, November 06, 2014

It’s Time To Recall An Oldie But Still A Goodie

At the end of this posting is the link to a Brilliant Political Observation and a Real Sneaky Plan of Action published by the Fella on October 28, 2012. I bring them to your attention because the questions posed in the “Exit Polling” part have still not been answered (& never will be)...

Would I kid u?



Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Good News & Bad News

The Good News... Tomorrow the Mid-Term Elections will be over & our crack news media will no longer be talking about Possibilities, Probabilities & Improbabilities of the upcoming Mid-Term Elections.

The Bad News... Tomorrow our crack news media will start talking about the Possibilities, Probabilities and Improbabilities of the upcoming 2016 Presidential Elections.

Oh well, at least they will be just getting started & they won’t be Wide Eyed & Shouting...

“Breaking News!”

“News Alert!”

“This Just In!”

...Or will they?

Would I kid u?