Thursday, October 18, 2018

Without The Law We Can’t Have Order

I’ll start this Blog Posting with the first paragraph of an article by Andy Ngo in the Wall Street Journal on October 12, 2018...

“Flyers urged Portlanders to attend a protest: “27yo black father of 3 murdered by racist Portland Police.” Some 100 Black Lives Matter Activists with the group Don’t Shoot Portland and their Masked Antifa Allies answered the call to gather downtown Oct. 6. Fists in the air, they demanded “justice” for Patrick Kimmons, who was killed by police in late September. “Stop racist police terror,” read one sign at the rally. “Throw all cops in the trash,” declared another. Never mind that Kimmons had an extensive criminal record and was suspected of shooting two people before police responded.”


Here are excerpts from this article which make me worry and why you ought to be worried along with me...

Ø As the crowd made their way to a nearby courthouse, they marched in the middle of the street, bringing traffic to a stop though they didn’t have a permit.

Ø A motorist made the mistake of attempting to pass them.

Ø His car slowly pushed against a masked marcher.

Ø The crowd surrounded the car and started kicking it.

Ø After speeding down the block he stepped out of his car.

Ø He was assaulted by the mob.

Ø They pushed him.

Ø They smashed his car with clubs after he managed to get back inside the vehicle.

Ø No police were in sight even though the central precinct was blocks away.

Ø A group called Portland’s Resistance, a local social-justice group, put out a call on Twitter asking the public to identify “this white man.”

Ø They published photos of him and his license plate with the message: “Make racists afraid again.”

Ø The motorist has since received threatening phone calls identifying his wife by name.

Ø The mob later occupied a busy intersection.

Ø A middle-aged man driving a car with North Carolina plates stopped in confusion.

Ø The agitators descended on him.

Ø Mob Members shouted at him...
>“You white little f—er!”
>“You are a little white supremacist.”
>” Go back to North Carolina where you came from.”

Ø The driver phoned police for assistance and nobody came to help.

Ø The crowd targeted other drivers...
>The Mob shouted at one driver,
“You’re lucky you didn’t hit me. I would have beat your a—.”

>One person punched the back of a passing car whose driver dared to honk.

Ø In downtown Portland, law-abiding drivers were at the mercy of marauding street thugs.

Ø Portland’s Resistance organized a protest after Election Day 2016 that turned into a riot.
>Masked vandals smashed stores and set fires.
> They caused over $1 million in damage.
>Portland’s Resistance raised $55,000 on GoFundMe ostensibly to help pay for the rebuilding effort.
>Two years later only $2,450 is known to have been dispersed.

Ø This summer a mob occupied the area around Portland’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office for more than a month.


If these Bullets do not scare you, you are not paying attention.


The Title of this Blog Posting is, “Without The Law We Can’t Have Order”. The Title is Not Kidding You because...

A block away, police officers looked on passively. Why didn’t they respond? The department told the writer of this article in a statement that it feared intervention would “change the demeanor of the crowd for the worse.”

Change the demeanor of the crowd? Yes the situation can get worse but, without any Resistance to The Mayhem, will the situation get better?


Flashback through History...

Ø First Back in History Guy: Those Nazi guys are killing people inside that Concentration Camp. I have a mind to go up to that fence and shout at them, “Don’t kill those people!”

Ø Second Back in History Guy: “No! Don’t do that! If you do, they might kill more people.”


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: I feel badly for publishing this Blog Posting. There is no Funny in it! There is no Foolishness in it! There is no Silliness in it! It is Too Dark! I feel the need to try and make you feel better so you can go about your day ignoring reality...


Now do you feel better?

If you think I made any of this Blog Posting up or you just want to read the entire article for yourself, click here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Y’all Come! ... Part 2

My morning paper tells me that me that presently there is a new caravan of 1,500 migrants heading to the Good Ole USofA from Honduras. Some people up here are really concerned about what’s coming up here from down there. 

If these Concerned People would only read my Foolishness they would not be so Concerned. Only this past June 30th I wrote a Blog Posting that showed the Silver Lining in these Ongoing Onslaughts to those who were smart enough to read my Blog Postings.


Sometime I get down on myself because the Whole World does not read my Foolishness. It’s times like these where I am tempted to give up the ghost (whatever that means) and stop writing these Absurdities. I start thinking I am running low on Silliness but do not concern yourself about my really quitting because I’m Full Of It.


Y’all Come!

Immigration is all the rage at present. The poor unfortunate souls who were unlucky enough to be born in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua need to get out of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua and they have chosen the Good Ole USofA as their preferred choice of where they want to live.


A lot of Americans think, since We Have Lots of Room Up Here, and, if they want to live with us, we have an obligation to let them move up here if they want to move up here.


I say we ought to not wait for them to decide they want to be our neighbors. I think we ought to send planes down there and bring every one of them up here because, as stated above, We Have Lots of Room Up Here.


If we were to decide, after we have them all up here, we don’t like what the Good Ole USofA has turned into, we can just move down there because there will be no one living down there and there will be Lots of Room Down There.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: I can tell that some of you is questioning my use of “Y’all Come” as the Subject of this Blog Posting. Well, Mr. Picky People, are not such phrases as “Y’all Come” used in the South? Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua are further South than our South. Y’all should know better than to question me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Big Problem...We Receive Alarming And Shocking Information. We Become Alarmed And Shocked. We Vote Based On That Alarming And Shocking Information. What Could Be Wrong With That?

The Big Problem is that, after you have finished voting, you find out that, while the Alarming and Shocking Information is Alarming and Shocking, it is not true.


You can still fix your vote by simply rushing to the Voting Place and changing your vote...Or can you?


A Official Fella Interruption (OFI): Fella does contend that this is a Misinformed Democrat Voter Problem or that it is a Misinformed Republican Voter Problem but each side will certainly label this as a Big Problem for the Other Side because we spend a lot of time saying that Other Side is The Problem.


Case in Point...Foreign Aid

Cogent Point #1...

Ø When asked what percentage of the budget the government should spend on Foreign Aid, some Americans say about 10%.

Ø That may seem like a fair proposal.

Ø However, as it stands now, the government only spends about 1% of the budget on Foreign Aid.

Ø If our government was required to do what Some Americans tell it to do, in order to “reduce” Foreign Aid to 10%, it would have to be increased by 9%.


Cogent Point #2...

Ø Some Americans vastly inflate how much our Government spends on Foreign Aid.

Ø They believe Foreign Aid comprises as much as 30% of the total budget.

Ø To fix this over spending problem, they recommend “cutting” it down to 13%.

Ø If our government was required to do what these Americans tell it to do, in order to “reduce” Foreign Aid to 13%, it would have to be increased by 12%.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: If you want to read more than I gave you to read, click here...

Monday, October 08, 2018

Dog Spelled Backwards Is God

For years, as I have exercised in various parks around where I live, I have seen my fellow exercising people being pulled around the exercising trails by Little White Dogs on long leashes.


I have often thought to myself that their bodies would receive more benefit if the dog was not doing all the work of pulling them along and they were using their own muscle power to move along.


You may think my thinking is silly thinking but I always tell you what I think and let you decide whether I am silly or not. It’s sort of like Fox News...I Think. You Decide.


Over time the Being-Pulled Exercisers and their Pulling Dogs have changed...

Ø I have seen more and more exercisers being pulled by 2 Separate and Distinct Little White Dogs.

Ø Then, instead of 2 Separate Little White Dogs, they were being pulled by 2 Dogs of Different Sizes (1 little and 1 very much larger).

Ø Lastly the little dog was replaced by another Very Much Larger Dog.


This last bullet above resulted in a Walking Catastrophe for one of my fellow exercisers and it was horrible to behold...

Ø I rounded a curve to the scene of a fellow walker being pulled in 2 Opposite Directions by her 2 Very Large Dogs.

Ø As I watched she let out a blood curdling scream as both dogs broke their leash collars at the same moment and headed in hot pursuit of the squirrel of their choice.

Ø I rushed up to her and, as I knelt beside her, it became obvious that both of her shoulders had been dislocated.

Ø She said to me through her pain, “Which way did they go?”

Ø I replied, “North by Northwest and South by Southeast!”


I called 911 and, as she was loaded into the ambulance, the last thing I said to her was, “I feel your pain (which was a lie). Staying Healthy is Enough to Kill You.”


The King of Costco...


If you can’t see what’s in the Baby Stroller, enlarge the picture. Even if you can’t see, I bet you can guess...The King Is In The Building!


Would I kid u?


Thursday, October 04, 2018

They Are 100% Right...Or Are They?

Yes, this is a rework of a past Blog Posting but it is still happening. Since “they” won’t stop trying to trick us, I feel obligated to to point out to you that they are trying to trick us.


We are at present being inundated with Polls. (Maybe I should have pecked out the prior sentence as, “We are always being inundated with Polls”.) They are often 100% Wrong but Poll Takers never stop trying to convince us that This Latest Poll is 100% Right.


The silliest ones are the ones where we are told the results of a poll done by a Democratic or a Republican Pollster. It is strange how the "results" always come out favoring their party's positions.


I guess I could be made to believe the poll did come out in favor of their party's positions but, you will never get me to believe, that any poll that did not favor their party's positions was just simply not published at all.


It's sort of like them saying, “We are going to keep polling the American People until the American People get it right”.


Would I kid u?


Tuesday, October 02, 2018

On Behalf Of Foolishness...Or Is It?, I Sincerely Apologize To Each And Every One Of My Dear Readers!

I could have made each and every one of you Stinking Rich and I have let your Stinking Richness slip through my careless fingers.


There is no way I can get your Golden Opportunity back and I do I feel so very sorry about what I have done. I only hope you will find it in your collective hearts forgive me.


As so often happens, I got ahead of myself. Allow me to back up and tell you how you could have become Stinking Rich...

Ø I’m certain you remember my Shadowy Bulgarian Billionaire who has more money than he knows what to do with from 2 blogs ago.

Ø Several weeks ago he was feeling very generous about all his money (or he was drunk) and he made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse but I did when I told him, “Don’t bother me, Shadowy, I’m busy”.

Ø I let his offer go by the wayside because I was preoccupied trying to count the number of NFL Football Players who were kneeling, sitting, holding their clenched fists in the air, picking their noses, picking the next protesting player’s nose and/or in the locker room during the playing of our National Anthem before the game I was about to watch.


You, my dear readers, could have been the beneficiaries of his generosity (or his drunkenness), if only I had been paying attention!


I did it again. I neglected to tell you exactly what my Shadowy Bulgarian Billionaire’s offer was...

He Said He Would Pay Each Of You $.10 Every Time The Word “Kavanaugh” Was Spoken On Radio Or TV Or Written In Any Print Media Between The Day He Was Nominated For The Supreme Court And The Day He Came Up For A Vote In The U.S. Senate.

I know how sharp each of you are, therefore, I know none of you needs a calculator to know that by the time the vote is finally taken in the Senate each of you could be Stinking.


Would I kid u?


Sunday, September 30, 2018

New Medicare Card-Part 2. Filling In That Blank. Oops! That Blank Is Gone! That Must Be A Mistake...Or is it?

Being The Noticer I noticed a change to the New Medicare Card that is not being talked about by anyone except me. Some may call it Silent Progress. Fella does not think it is.


In a concession to the Objecting People who are objecting to anything having to do with Male and Female...

Ø The old card had an Entry Location for Sex and, on my card, it was filled is as “Male”.

Ø The new card has no Entry Location for Sex.


Those Objecting People may not accept that I am a Male but I know I am a Male.


A sobering thought just hit me...

Ø If the Objecting People knew that I know that I am Male would they bring action against my thinking I know that I am Male?

Ø Said another way, am I allowed to think in contradiction to the way the Objecting People think I ought to think?

Ø If I kept my thinking to myself (a growing practice in the Good Ole USofA today) would they find out what I was thinking to myself?

Ø Would they bring back that dead guy who used to be on the Ed Sullivan Show to read my mind? Certainly you remember him...Or do you? He was the one who stood on Ed’s stage and read the minds of Ed’s audience.

Ø He did his standing before the Internet was invented. If we used to be able to put a man on the moon, we certainly could invent an App that would allow that Dead Guy to read my mind while I sit in my home in my La-Z-Boy.

Ø If the Objecting People did bring back that dead guy and he read my mind, would they be able to bring action against me for Secret Thinking?

Ø The way we are headed Secret Thinking is certainly going to be declared a crime in the not-too-distant future.

Ø It won’t be long before we are going to required to Think Out Loud at all times so the Objecting People can know what we are thinking and correct our thinking before our thinking gets out of hand and, for our own good, drastic action can be brought against us to get us to think correctly.


I’m going to quit now. I always quit when I begin to confuse myself.


On the other hand, can I quit without permission? If not, where do I go to get permission to quit?


Now this is really getting confusing.


Would I kid u?