Monday, October 16, 2017

We Are Being Led By A Mad Man!

I am sorry if you got excited because you thought the Mad Man in the Subject above was President Trump and you do not like President Trump so you were glad I was calling President Trump a Mad Man but the Mad Man I am referring to is not President Trump.


The Mad Man I am referring to is General George Washington.


This Foolishness…Or Is It is about to turn into a History Lesson without much, if any, Foolishness…


General Washington probably was labeled a Mad Man by those who knew what was really happening to the American Revolution at the point in the war where he decided to Cross the Delaware River.


At that point in our War for Independence the odds were against winning the war. The odds were so against winning that any sane General Who Knew Anything About Being A Not Insane General would have given up and gone back to the farm (provided he were not hung by the neck until dead for Treason by the British)…

Ø At this point Washington was disgusted with lots of things…
>The Weather
>The Clock
>His Subordinates
>His Army
>His Government

Ø He was also mad about lots of things…
>The Pretentious European Officers under his command who were continually trying to stab him in the back.
>Those Cautious Councils of War all around him.
>Being Ridiculed by his Enemies.
>Mostly he was mad about Losing Every Battle he had Fought.

Ø The colonies had created a Continental Army of 20,000 men on January 1, 1776.

Ø Washington had taken that army to New York City and it had gotten caught in the meat grinder called the British Army (the most professional and best trained army on the planet).

Ø It was only because of a crazy desperate plan he concocted and unexplained weather happenings (many have called it a miracle) that his army was saved from complete annihilation.

Ø He was trying to fight a war against the British Army which had written the book on Military Operations during that century.

Ø When caught in the open, without earthworks for protection, his amateur soldiers did not stand a chance.

Ø His army was best at running away from battles.

Ø His army was getting smaller due to deaths in battles and also because day after day, mile after mile, they fell back, and for every hour spent in retreat, soldiers slipped away and went back home.

Ø All of them would be going home soon because, this was late December, and on December 31st their enlistments would expire.

Ø He was about to not have an army at all.

Ø As the remaining days of his soldiers’ enlistment trickled down to zero, Crazy George managed to regroup all the men under his command.

Ø With some 6,000 men under his control, he conceived an insane plan that he thought might revive the spirits of both his Army and the Nation.

Ø General Horatio Gates was second in command of the Patriot Forces and he was not near as crazy as George.

Ø Gates pointed out that Crazy George was proposing to have three widely separated bodies of men, most of whom lacked proper training, experience and discipline, cross a wide river choked with ice, and make a converging attack on a force of veteran professional soldiers.

Ø He judged this whole attack plan to be crazy suicidal.

Ø Gates was determined not to be seen as crazy as George so he reported himself sick and rode off to Philadelphia.

Ø Crazy George felt he had listened to his subordinates before and that they were lacking in the determination necessary to win the war. But what did he know? He was crazy and they were not crazy.

Ø On this occasion Crazy Ole George decided he was going to listen to his Crazy Ole Self.

Ø On Christmas Eve Night Crazy George called together his officers and revealed his nutty plan.

Ø As the officers left the meeting in the early hours of Christmas Day, they found snow falling and large cakes if ice swirling in the current of the river.

Ø There was little to celebrate on that Christmas Day because there was little food but the citizens of Philadelphia had sent out a couple of wagons filled with old clothes to supplement the Army’s ragged uniforms.

Ø At dark on Christmas Day the Army started crossing the river.

Ø As they headed toward the boats, freezing rain soaked them.

Ø What mad man had come up with this idea?

Ø Many were thinking why did Crazy George wait till darkness was upon them to start his boat ride because now they were stumbling around and bumping into each other trying to find and climb into the boats.

Ø Because of the darkness and confusion the entire crazy operation fell behind schedule.

Ø As the night wore on and daylight was approaching, they were all thinking that their chance of surprising the Hessians was fast slipping away.

Ø It was heavy on their minds that Crazy George was about to secure another major defeat because of his Crazy Idea.

Ø Crazy George was aware that many of his men saw him as nothing more than an aloof, fox-hunting Virginia Aristocrat.

Ø He would have felt worse if he knew that they saw him as nothing more than an aloof, fox-hunting Insane Virginia Aristocrat.

Ø After crossing they still had to march 9 miles to attack Trenton.


Since this is near the bottom, I’ll give you the Bottom Line…Crazy George’s Insane Plan Worked like a Charm, and on that night, Crazy Insane General George Washington took a big step toward transitioning from Nut towards becoming a Military Genius.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: Thomas Paine was not in those boats but his words published only 6 days before the General’s Boat Ride were there, “THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”


Lagniappe Again: There probably were no NFL Football “Heroes” in those boats with Crazy George.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Who Cares?

We (not me) are obsessed with Facebook. We (not me) think the world is just dying to know…

Ø We had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich for lunch…Who Cares?

Ø We might go shopping this afternoon. On the other hand we may not go shopping this afternoon. Rest assured, once we make up our mind about going shopping, we will be sure to post the decision to go or not to go shopping on Facebook…Who Cares?

Ø The people in Busockistan are having a hard time getting an adequate supply of Local Honey. We think that our Congress ought to allocate funding to increase their availability of Local Honey. Congress ought to get to work on this unnecessary project as soon as they finish not working on all those worthy projects they are not working on…Who Cares?


What kicked off this tirade? It was the Bumper Sticker I just saw which read…

Proud Owner of a Rescued Dog

It truly must make that Rescued Dog proud to know that its Rescuer Person is Proud.


Would I kid u?


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Sheila Jackson You-Gotta-Be-Kidding Lee

Don’t blame me. I copied this from the Internet (we all know that the Internet never lies) about Shelia Jackson Lee. Actually I could have copied a lot more about her but, by the time you read all of what I did copy, you are going to be tired of Lee & Me…


Sheila Jackson Lee won the general election with 70 percent of the vote, the lowest winning percent of her career.

Staff turnover…

In 2011 she was reported to have one of the highest staff turnovers in Congress and to be one of the worst bosses.

Ø The Huffington Post and The Houston Chronicle reported that she had gone through 11 chiefs of staff in 11 years.

Ø In 2011 she was named as one of the "worst bosses in Washington" by The Daily Caller.

Ø The Huffington Post stated that "Jackson Lee regularly appears on Washingtonian Magazine's list of the “Best and Worst of Congress” as the “meanest” member of House of Representatives."

Ø In 2012 Washingtonian again listed her as the meanest member of the House.

Ø A report in 2013 concluded that "the veteran Texas Democrat had the highest turnover rate for all of Congress over the past decade".

Foreign Policy…

Sheila Jackson Lee has urged better relations between the U.S. and Venezuela…

Ø She describes Venezuela as a friendly nation.

Ø She said the U.S. should reconsider its ban on selling F-16 fighter jets and spare parts to Venezuela.

The U.S. State Department bans such sales due to "lack of support" for counter-terrorist operations and Venezuela's relations with Iran and Cuba.


Ø Sheila Jackson Lee [D-Houston] held an informal press conference announcing that her administration, through great efforts and much expense had completed a decade-old study that focused on the cause of murders in the United States.

Ø Sheila Jackson Lee was reported as saying that the results were predominantly leaning towards “homicide” as being the primary cause for the murders.

The congresswoman was quoted as saying,

Datas (sic) (*See below) uncover (sic) today give us a clearer portrait of a couple of possible cause (sic) for murder, but let’s be clear.. Changes in the atmospheres (sic) and combustibles (sic) also play a roles (sic) in how peoples (sic) are behave (sic). By continuing homicide (sic) and climate changes (sic) we are ascend (sic) ourselves to vulnables (sic), and we cannot deny that, Nor shall we, Nor shall I, Nor shall we all, So say we all (sic). End homicide and end climate change, and we end murder. THIS, we know.”

*Sic (adverb) … Thus or So, used within brackets to indicate that what precedes it is written intentionally or is copied verbatim from the original, even if it appears to be a mistake.

Hurricane Names…

In July 2003, she criticized the weather establishment for its selection of names with which to christen hurricanes, stating that “All racial groups should be represented.” She went on to express the hope that in the future such lists “would try to be inclusive of African American names” as well.

Hurricane Harvey…

Sheila Jackson Lee said, “Many people don’t know that Houston is 50′ below sea level and still flooding”.

(For the record, downtown Houston is somewhere between 43-53 feet ABOVE sea level.)


If this Lee has a statue, maybe the voters of her district ought to strongly consider taking it down. I would not count on this happening. Do you remember the top of this Blog Posting?


Sheila Jackson Lee won the general election with 70 percent of the vote, the lowest winning percent of her career.

Would I kid u?


Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I Pay Attention To Words

I was in a Coffee Shop and I am trying to get information about those 20+ kinds of Coffee Concoctions that are shown on the menu board behind the “Coffee Expert” who is trained to Take My Money.


I am probing a Latte and whether I should pay an extra dollar to get an extra shot of Espresso. The “Coffee Expert” says to me, “I think a Latte has two shots in it”.


Did you get key words in what she said? Of course, they are “I Think”…

  • Is she guessing?
  • Should she have studied up before I arrived?
  • If she is not sure, should she not have asked the Barista who is 10 feet away from her, how many shots there are in a Latte so she can share her vast store of knowledge with those Inquiring Minds that follow me?


She did none of this. She just stared at me waiting for me to give her my money, so she can do what she is good at doing…Taking My Money.


I have now activated your Reticular Activation System and you are going to start noticing how many times you are told by Money Taking Experts things like…

  • I think it costs $5.98.
  • I think we are open on Sunday.
  • I think I wish you would stop asking me tough questions about which I am supposed to know the answers.

Would I kid u?


Monday, October 02, 2017

The Fodder For This Blog Belongs To Jason L. Riley

Jason L. Riley is a writer for the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know why I have to say what I am about to say to make his sentiments more valid but in today’s world I have to… Jason L. Riley Is A Black Person.


There, I said it.


Quotes from Mr. Riley’s article, I Used to Sit for the National Anthem Too, in the Wall Street Journal dated 9/27/17 are…

(I did the underlining. I apologize for all the underlining but there was a lot of text in this article begging to be underlined.)

“The players have said they are protesting the unjust treatment of blacks by law enforcement and cite the spate of police shootings that have come to light in recent years…the larger question is whether what is being protested has some basis in reality beyond anecdotes and viral videos on social media.”


“There is no national database of police shootings—some departments report more-detailed data than others—but the statistics that are available suggest that police today use deadly force significantly less often than in the past. In New York City, home to the nation’s largest police force, officer-involved shootings have fallen by more than 90% since the early 1970s, and national trends have been similarly dramatic.”


The following is not Mr. Riley but Mr. Fella…

Ø It makes me wonder why all these football “heroes” are stirring up all this consternation.

Ø I wonder if any of these football “heroes” are wondering while they are protesting, “What the heck am I protesting about?”


If they read my Blog they might just be wondering about what I am wondering about.


Mr. Riley’s best line in his article is…

“An increase in press coverage of police shootings isn’t the same thing as an increase in police shootings.”


Would I kid u?


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

North Korean Medals vs Good Ole USofA Medals

I’ve been making fun of all the Medals those North Korean Generals wear.

After seeing all those Goofy Generals wearing all their Goofy Medals, I stumbled across this picture…


I’m not saying the Bemedaled General is goofy.

I just got a chuckle out of it, while I was scratching my head.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: Bob B, your comments on a past blog started me thinking about researching this idea. I tried to send it to you but your email address is a dead end and I don’t have your phone number. I tried to get one or the other from April but she did not respond to my email request. Guess she forgot who you are. Smile

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thank Heaven Gasoline Is Faster Than Pitch…Or Is It?

We all know what Tar Pitch (Asphalt) and Gasoline are. They are very different compounds.


Gasoline Prices are very much like a Geyser (a spring that throws a jet of hot water or steam into the air at intervals). Recently the Price Gasoline demonstrated its Geyser Characteristics by shooting up overnight because of Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.


Where I live, all the gasoline stations tweeted to each other one night as Harvey was approaching Texas and agreed with each other that, since Harvey could, would, could possibly, just might interrupt Refinery Activity, there was now acceptable justification to raise the Price of Gasoline. The next morning they all posted their Regular Gasoline price at exactly $2.75 (from $2.19 to $2.29).


Geysers shoot up fast and they come down fast. This is not the case with Gasoline Prices. The Price of Gasoline immediately shed its Geyser Characteristics and took on its Tar Pitch Characteristics.


What the heck am I talking about? Please allow me to start making sense…

The Price of Gasoline shot up like a Geyser and is now falling with the Characteristics of Tar Pitch

This is the part of this Blog Posting where you really start to learn something.


In several slow moving experiments Tar Pitch has been proven to be a Liquid…

since 1927 at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, which Guinness World Records lists as the world’s longest-running laboratory experiment. Physicist Thomas Parnell set it up because he wanted to illustrate that everyday materials can exhibit surprising properties. In the past 86 years that experiment has yielded eight drops, with the ninth drop now almost fully formed and about to fall.


Where I live the Price of Gasoline has started it Tar Pitch Fall. A few stations have started posting their Regular Gasoline price at $2.71. We are all excited as we anticipate a further drop to $2.70 any week now.


I wish one of those hackers would take some time out from attacking the devil out of Equifax, Target and the Securities and Exchange Commission and hack into the Gasoline Stations Price Fixing Tweeting Cartel and give us an over-night $.50 drop in the pump price because I’m running on empty.


Would I kid u?