Sunday, December 09, 2018

Furthering Your education About What Brassieres And Jock Straps Have In Common

Until WWI came along Corsets dominated the undergarments of wealthier women in the western world for centuries.

I have not lost it. I have not made this up...

The War To End All Wars Put an End to the Corset and Brought Us the Bra

So how did the war help popularize the bra? In a word, or two words in this case, it was because of a Metal Shortage that the war created. We needed more metal so we could make those people dead over there.

The making of corsets required quite a bit of metal. Thus, in 1917, the U.S. War Industries Board asked American Women to help their “men win the war” by not wearing or buying corsets.

This may seem like it would only make a small difference but, in fact, during the war it is estimated that the killing of the Corset freed up around 28,000 tons of steel.


Bob Dylan just came into my computer room and he asked me to tell you, The Times They Are A-Changin...

The women of the Good Ole USofA’s working environment changed dramatically during the war...

Ø American women found themselves working in factories.

Ø In this work environment it simply wasn’t possible to function properly while wearing an ultra-tight and ultra-restrictive corset.

Ø Still needing some support in these active jobs, the bra became the most used alternative.


The History of the Modern Brassiere...  

Ø Actually the need for the Bra was preceded by the Modern Invention of the Bra by many years (History tells us that bras were being worn in the 14th century in Greece).

Ø The apparent “first” modern bra design patented in the U.S. was made in 1910.

Ø The lady inventor got the idea for her invention when she was just 19 years old and heading to a ball.

Ø Her dress for the evening was a sheer gown.

Ø Owing to her large breast size, the dress and a corset didn’t work because the whale bone in the corset stuck out of her dress at the top.

Ø With the help of her maid, she took two handkerchiefs and some ribbon and sewed them together to make something like a modern day bra, so she would still have support but not need to wear the corset.

Ø After her bra was the talk of the party, with several women requesting she make bras for them, she decided to make a business out of it and patented her “backless brassiere”, with the patent being approved on November 3, 1914.

Ø She initially didn’t have much luck selling her bra and decided to close down the business, selling the patent rights to Warners Brothers Corset Company of Connecticut.

Ø From the sale she profited $1,500, which is approximately $30,000 today.

Ø This was considered a tidy profit until you consider that Warners Brothers Co. managed to do quite a bit better with the patent, ultimately earning an estimated $200-$300 million in today’s money from it in the following three decades.

Ø By the end of the war, fashion-conscious women in North America and Europe were now mostly wearing brassieres and soon mass-production of bras ramped up, despite their no longer being metal shortages nor were as many women still working factories.

Ø Soon women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America followed the trend.


Medical Issues with the Corset...

These Medical Issues had always been a problem but women worldwide finally had an alternative...

Ø Corsets were designed to accentuate the curvy Victorian Ideal of beauty by cinching the waist and boosting the breasts (Queen Victoria sure gets blamed for a lot things).

Ø This made it very difficult to breathe.

Ø This process squeezed women’s waists so much that often organs were displaced.

Ø There were also other Internal Problems like...
> Fainting
>Gynecological Issues
> Nausea

The bottom line is, with corsets out, women could move and breathe again, and even back then, breathing was important.


Enter the Jock Strap...

I know some of you are saying to yourselves, “But, fella, what does this have to do with Jock Straps?” (Those of you who were saying this to yourselves have a special place in my noticing heart because it shows you are paying attention to my Silliness.)  

Ø In 1977 two athletically inclined ladies saw the need for the Sports Bra and, before history knew what had happened, they had fashioned the modern day Sports Bra out of two Jock Straps.

Ø They teamed up with professional clothing designer and soon the “Jogbra” was available to the general public.


Before I get to the Kidding You part, I feel compelled to again tell you again... I did not make any of this up.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: From my More Than You Need To Know Department...Did you ever wonder why the sizes of brassieres are referred to as, “Cups”? Even if you have never wondered why, you are about to know what you have never wondered about...

Ø An A cup accommodates 8 fluid ounces

Ø A B cup accommodates 13 fluid ounces

Ø A C cup accommodates 21 fluid ounces

Ø A D cup accommodates 27 fluid ounces

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Is He Or Is He Not An Idiot?

As the Good Ole USofA continues to be torn apart, I have been sitting here Deep in Thought about how the Good Ole USofA is being torn apart.


There I go right at the beginning of this Blog Posting trying to confuse you by talking about Deep Thinking which is a term with which many in the Good Ole USofA are not very familiar. That’s because Practice of Thinking Deeply disappeared quite awhile ago (right before or right after Common Sense vanished).


Here is what started me pecking out this Foolishness...

Ø Someone calls a Very Important Person an Idiot and immediately the supporters of the Very Important Person come to his defense by saying, “You can’t call such a Very Important Person an Idiot because he is a Very Important Person!”

Ø The supporters of the Very Important Person are those who owe their livelihood to him, those who beat him like a drum at poker and don’t want to lose the extra income they derive from beating him like a drum at poker, his wife, his children and his mother.

Ø The same holds true if the Potential Idiot is an Elected Political Leader.

Ø We are told we have to have Respect for the Position.


I am of a different mind-set. People who hold such positions Can Still Be Idiots. The positions they hold do not prevent idiocy. They might have been an idiot before they obtained their important position and, after their election, they continued where they did not leave off.


Let’s shift a bit and talk about Dishonesty. What if someone said, “That guy is a crook!” Should he be defended by someone saying, “You can’t call someone in his position a crook!”


From where I stand (a Deep Thinker) the proper comeback ought to be, “Let’s find out if he really is a crook before we say you can’t call him a crook!”


Having pecked out the prior paragraph, I am the first to admit that the prior paragraph is not often put into practice because Deep Thinking and Common Sense may be dead but Vested Interest is alive and well.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: Boy I am glad this Foolishness is over! I am so pleased I made my major points so clear and easy to understand that Deep Thinking was not required...Or did I?

Friday, November 30, 2018

Little Known Facts

First Little Known Fact

Since the beginning of the Mueller Investigation (May 17, 2017) the word “Mueller” has been used in news reports 83,592,412 times.

Second Little Know Fact

The number of words that Mueller has been reported to have said in news reports is exactly Zero (give or take a Zero).

Don’t ask how I know the 83,592,412 number above. Let it suffice to say I have my sources and besides, after all these years of reading my Foolishness, you know better than to question me...Or do u?


Would I kid u?


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Trivial Trivia

We often hearken (whatever that is) back to the Good Old Days. Everything was better in the Good Old Days.


According to Time Magazine, in July 2007 it was reported in the news that...

Ø John Kerry (remember him?) orders his Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches with Provolone instead of Cheese Whiz.
> This was being played up by the News Media as demonstrating his Remoteness from the Average American.

Ø Mitt Romney (remember him?) had spent $300 on a Makeup Artist.
>This was being played up by the News Media as demonstrating how out of touch he was from Average American Voters.

Ø Al Gore (remember him?) wore Earth Tones during his campaign for president because he was heeding the advice of a Political Consultant.
>This was being played up by the News Media as demonstrating his Insecurity as a Candidate.

Ø John Edwards (remember him?) had just embarked on 12-city tour to highlight the persistence of poverty in America after getting a $400 Haircut (I sure hope for that price he got them all cut and not just one).
>This was being played up by the News Media as demonstrating his inability to relate to Low-Income Americans.


The really bad news about the 4 Bullet Points above is the Good Ole USofA was certainly having really Big Problems back in 2007, same as we are having really big problems now, but Trivial Trivia was bigger news to the News Media than Big Problem News was.


Whatever your political leanings are, all of us would probably agree that the world we live in today is really in deep trouble. If you agree with this Doom and Gloom, I am about to make you feel even worse.


July 2007 is 11 years and 4 months ago. Stop and think about this. 11 years and 4 months from now we will be looking back at today and calling today the Good Old Days because we always look back at the past and look around at the present and say it was better in the past, probably because it actually was better in the past.


Does this Blog Posting make you feel better?


Would I kid u?


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I Know I Am Treading On Thin Ice With This One

I am on thin ice with this one only because in the Good Ole USofA today we are not allowed to try and make sense or even joke about the use of “He” and “She”. Please do these 3 things before you attach a scathing comment to this Blog Posting...

Ø See the humor.

Ø Read what the Blog Posting has to say before you stop reading and start writing your scathing comment.

Ø See the humor.


I understand it is only a matter of time before we will have Female Presidents of the Good Ole USofA .


When that happens it will no longer be correct to say things like, “All of the men who have served as President in the past” instead, it will be proper and correct to say, “All of the men and women who have served as President in the past”.


Until that time, it is still correct to say, “All of the men who have served as President in the past” because there has never been any female Presidents who have served as President.


They Roam the Halls of Congress

At this point I wish to state an undeniable fact...

Some of Our Senators Are Mental Midgets

One such Senator is roaming the halls of Congress at this time because I just read where he said (Note: I did not say “he or she said” because he is only one person and he is a he), The President deserves to have a Secretary of State that agrees with him or her in general on a foreign-policy direction”. (Note: I did the underlining.)


Come on, Senator, we only have one President at this time and, as unfair as that may be, he happens to be a he...again.


Senator, you would be correct if you were speaking in general terms and you said, A President deserves to have a Secretary of State that agrees with him or her in general on a foreign-policy direction”. (Note: I did the underlining.)


Until such time as we actually have had Presidents that have been a She, it is not proper to refer to all our past Presidents as “He or She”. Therefore, when we have actually have had Females as Presidents and you want to say, The President deserves to have a Secretary of State that agrees with him or her in general on a foreign-policy direction”, you will then have my permission to remove “Mental Midget” from your Senatorial Business Card.


Would I kid u?


Saturday, November 17, 2018

One Call...That’s All!

According to the Wall Street Journal we now have a problem in the Good Ole USofA that we have not had in a long time...

The Labor Department reported roughly a million more job openings than unemployed Americans at the end of September. The unemployment rate is at a 49-year low of 3.7%.

Because of this severe shortage of Unemployed to fill Job Openings in the Good Ole USofA many companies are hiring sight unseen based on phone interviews alone. Sometimes this involves only a single phone call. There are even cases where the interview is entirely conducted by a Computer.


Allow me to paint a picture for your Mind’s Eye (whatever that is)...

Ø The Chairman of the Board and the Chief Operating Officer of a Major Mega Bucks International Corporation are seen standing in the lobby of their Palatial International Headquarters.

Ø They are staring intently at their newest employee on her first day on the job.

Ø It is evident that they are perplexed because many visitors are standing back at a distance shouting at the new employee as if they are afraid to get any closer to her.

Ø Their newest employee is smiling and going about her assigned duties but there are several things that are different about her when compared to employees who have held that same position in the past...
>She has several Tattoos on her head, neck and arms like a Snake across her forehead whose tail drifts down her nose and appears to disappear into her left nostril, a large Skull and Crossbones on her right cheek, a 4 inch long depiction of Red Human Lips on her Neck, several large Ants on her Left Cheek, Chinese Lettering on both arms that read a message (unknown to her) from the Tattoo Artist, “I can’t believe this jerk actually paid me to tattoo all this craziness all over her body”.
>Her Nose has a large Gold Ring hanging out of it.
>Her Lips have smaller Silver Rings piercing them in seven places.
>Her Ear Lobes are stretched and have Quarters inserted in them.


Since I had my Potted Plant Outfit on I got close enough to the perplexed Chairman to overhear him saying to the CEO, “I don’t want abandon our One Call Phone Hiring Initiative but maybe we should have put her into a position other than Company Receptionist?”  


At another location in the article a Transportation Company’s Vice President of Driver Employment said...

The Labor Shortage is so acute we have to be able to make an informed decision as quickly as possible.

I have been known to quibble. Allow me to quibble about this VP’s statement. I take issue with two words...“Informed Decision”...Or is it?


Would I kid u?


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Attacking A Problem Where There Is No Problem Is A Problem

This first link below is my Blog Posting from March 29, 2018 which pointed out the Absurdity going on in Silly Ole England (Formerly known as Merry Ole England) about their creation of a Ministry for Loneliness...


The next link below shows what happens when Goofiness is allowed to run rampant. This woman has now become a victim of her government’s Ministry for Loneliness.


Because her government thinks there is a problem she sees this same problem and the problem is verified in her mind (who is she to argue with her Prime Minister?) and the problem has now grown to the point where it is dominating her life.


This woman is not in Prison in Solitary Confinement...

Ø She has 3 children.

Ø She is 23 years old.

Ø She is attractive.

Ø She has a mother who talks to her.

Ø She has a brother who talks to her.

Ø She has a Super Market full on people who talk to her.

Ø Everyone always sees her as a happy and bubbly person.

Ø She has an ex-husband she can argue with anytime she wants to argue.

Ø Her Prime Minister says she has a whole country full of lonely people just waiting to interact with someone.


This woman is obsessed with herself...

Ø She says she hasn’t made a new friend for over a decade.

Ø She says she can’t have proper conversations with her children.

Ø She sees it as an extra problem that her children go to school and, therefore, are not around to have not-proper conversations with her.


There is hope. Facebook may come to her rescue because, after speaking openly about her loneliness, she has been inundated with messages from people looking to be friends with her.


I’m going to stop now. I am beginning to feel lonely. I am all alone in my computer room with no one to talk to and it is giving me an eerie feeling.


Read as much as you can stand about this lonely woman’s plight, but I warn you, you may start to get an eerie feeling...


Would I kid u?