Monday, June 26, 2017

Don’t Blame Me. I Tried To Give You A Lot Of Money But You Lollygagged And Your Opportunity Has Now Passed You By.

In June of last year I offered any single one of my Dear Readers the opportunity to be given a nickel every time that lucky person heard in the news or saw written in any news publication the word, “Comey”.


To become eligible to be buried in nickels all any one of you had to do was be the first to take me up on my offer.


Not one of you had the foresight to take advantage of this financial windfall. A lot of money was right there for the taking. As of this moment, it is too late. I am withdrawing my foolish offer.


I have dogged a bullet for sure. Little did I realize that, had one of you taken me up on this offer, that person would today have all my money.


I bet you are kicking your collective selves. If I were you, I sure would be.


Would I kid u?



Bobby Tony said...

I'd give a nickle for every time I missed the opportunity to be a millionaire.

Bobby Tony said...

The previous comment should have been, I wish I had a Nickle for every time I missed an opportunity to be a millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I sent in my application with all valid documentation to the "Smart Fella." I even put an airmail stamp on it and wrote "important" on it. I had it notarized, inspected, pre-approved and then.......and then.......never mind, here it is on my desk. (Musta forgot to mail it)

SmartFella? said...

I don't mean to split hairs with you…Or do I?
Once I had started to see my hard-earned small fortune being depleted at such an astronomical rate, I would have had your airmailed, notorized, inspected & pre-approved application thrown out cuz you spelled "Smartfella" as two words not as it should be as One Word.
I do apologize for being so picky but I worked too hard to rise to the height of a mediocre career in the Automotive Industry to throw all my saving away because of a flippant silly offer in a blog that hardly anyone but you reads.
Where in the heck did you find an airmail stamp?

Bob said...

I just fired my email reader!!!!

Ludwig Keck said...

Ach, ach, ach So I missed the chance to now wallow in the possession of two nickels. Well do I know, that the SmartFella would have claimed that after distributing all of his two nickels the deal was completed.

SmartFella? said...

Herr Smarty Pants,
You have just potentially cost yourself a potentially lot of potential money.
Next time I try to give away all my money, you are going to be deleted from the Potentially Rich Notification List.