Saturday, July 01, 2017

Europeans Have Been Trying To Kill Each Other For Thousands Of Years. They Must Certainly Know What They Are Doing By Now…Or Do They?

It has come to light recently that Members of NATO have not been living up to their Signed Commitment to Provide for their Common Defense.


To expand on the above nifty opening, they have not been Providing for their Common Defense for many years.


As a result of this lack of spending, there are now Significant Material Shortages that have become evident in their Military Preparedness.


Soldiers in Germany’s Light Infantry Battalion 413 near the Baltic Sea coast complained last year that they didn’t have enough sniper rifles, antitank weapons or the right kind of vehicles.


During exercises, they told a Parliamentary Ombudsman, their unit didn’t have the munitions to simulate battle.


The Ombudsman told them to Imagine The Bangs.


There you go thinking I made Imagine The Bangs up. My Dear Readers, you are wrong again. If you are a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, you can click this link and see that I am not kidding you…

Don't worry. We'll whip everything into shape after the shooting starts.


If you are not a subscriber, you will just have to trust me…Or will you just?


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: It has been reported that only 5 NATO Countries have been living up to their Defense Spending Commitment. One of the five is Greece. When you consider all the Financial Problems Greece has had in recent years, this shows that the Greeks, as in ancient history, are still Honorable and Intelligent People … Click Here: "Opa!"


Anonymous said...

I imagine that German politician needs to have his head examined!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loud "bangs" can be offensive a scary. Best they be whispered quietly.