Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I Have Uncovered A Government Operation That Has Confused Us For Years As We Drove Down The Interstate Highway System

We just got back from an 1,634 mile trip to and from the Dallas Area. There was hardly any turns in the road from here to there. It was boring. You know what happens when I get bored. My Foolish Mind starts to wander and, when that happens, I Notice Things.


Somewhere between here and there I uncovered a Vast Government Conspiracy to Slow Us Down, to Save Our Governmental Rulers a Lot of Money (so they can waste it elsewhere) and to Make New Money Off Of Us, all at the same time.


Read on to become educated and get ready to waste a lot of time writing your congressman full of righteous indignation (Google “Waste Your Time” and one of the examples given is, “Writing Your Congressman”).


Years ago I wrote one of my best Blog Postings about the little man who invented the Orange & White Roadside Construction Barrel… http://forii.blogspot.com/2009/09/we-are-going-to-have-to-crank-it-up.html.


Many times I have wondered about what must be a major problem and expense for our Governmental Rulers to store the billions of Construction Barrels they own when they are not in use. I had assumed they bought or rented warehouses all over the Good Ole USofA for storage. It must be a giant headache, a whopper of a logistical problem and a tremendous expenditure of taxpayer funds!


I now know that storage is not a headache nor a problem nor any expense at all because they don’t store them at all.


Read on you will be amazed at this fine example of Governmental Efficiency you will ever see that our rulers actually end up making money…

Ø The barrels are stored alongside our Interstate Highway System.
clip_image002 clip_image002[1] clip_image002[2] 

Ø This is why you are constantly coming across warning signs that say something like this, “Highway Construction Next 15 Miles. Fines Doubled When Workers Present”.

Ø Then, as you drive along (maybe at a lower speed) you do not see any workers but you do see Construction Barrels every 10 feet on both sides of the road.

Ø Sometimes, off to the side of the road, you will see a worker digging in a hole with 4 to 5 other workers holding up shovels watching the digging worker dig.
clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image007 

Ø Periodically you also see fellow travelers off to the side of the road being given tickets.


That’s the What You See and here is the Why You See It

Ø The barrels are there to save storage money.

Ø Instead of buying or renting warehouses, our rulers store them on the side of our highways all over the Fruited Plain.

Ø Then when the State sees the need for increased revenue, they used to send out diggers, digger watchers and the Highway Patrol Cars to give out tickets.

Ø In order to save even more money, they eventually bought the Diggers and Digger Watchers mechanical figures from Disneyland.

Ø In recent years even more money is being saved because they only buy the diggers from Disneyland and they have started buying shovels from China that can stand up all by themselves.


And now you know… The Rest of the Story.


Would I kid u?