Sunday, June 11, 2017

Stop It At The Source

I just read in my newspaper that, if we build a new Export Terminal in Washington State to ship coal to China, we will be responsible for the pollution of China’s atmosphere when the coal is burned in China’s inefficient coal burning facilities.

In some people’s minds the Good Ole USofA is responsible for everything bad that happens anywhere in the world.

Did it ever dawn on these mental midgets that the fault lies in the Chinese People who build and operate these inefficient coal burning facilities?

Since the above is an undeniable Foolish Fact, my mind started churning on another evil that the Not-So-Good Ole USofA is responsible for and how we can turn it into a source of job creation which will help our struggling economy in these dire economic times.

We are the breadbasket of the world. We export humongous amounts of grain all over the world and have been doing so for a very long time. The inevitable result of this grain exportation is Methane Produced by the Cows That Eat Our Grains. Our unending desire to make money is harming the ecology.

If our Federal Government would go on an all out campaign to ramp up plants all over the country to produce Cow Corks we would stimulate Manufacturing, Employment, Tax Revenue and help our Balance of Trade Numbers all at the same time. This is a Win Win Idea for all concerned!

With this increase in Tax Revenue we could then increase our lobbying efforts to beg the Chinese to loan us more money.

Would I kid u?