Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I Dreamt I Was A European Catholic Attending Sunday Mass

I have been to Europe a few times. There are Large Churches all over Europe. Oops, I left a word out of the prior sentence. I meant to peck out, “There are Large Empty Churches all over Europe”.


I am a Practicing Catholic and many of these Large Empty Churches are, in fact, Catholic.


Back To My Dream...

Ø I’m sitting in mass doing my best not to let my mind wander to other things knowing full well that my mind many times wanders to other things (like lunch).

Ø I start my serious concentration when it gets close to Holy Communion.

Ø I am shocked at what happens next...The priest skips right over the Distribution of Communion.

Ø My mind races with questions and confusion but the priest moves right along and wraps up the mass and heads down the aisle humming “A Closer Walk With Thee” softly to himself.

Ø As he gets close to me, I step into the aisle and block his way and I come right out with what is bothering me by asking him, “Why did you not distribute Communion?”

Ø  A sad countenance came over him and he said to me, “My son (priest always address me as their son) it seemed like a lot of trouble to go to for just the two of us”.


At that moment I looked around the Church and saw that he and I were the only two in that whole big church. I had been concentrating so hard on not thinking about lunch I had not noticed our aloneness. I just stood there and stared at him.


I was shaken back into consciousness as the priest continued, “Please excuse me because the first Stained Glass Tour is about to start and I have to set up the Post Card Stand”.


I simply stepped aside because I could see he was starting to get anxious to move on to Church Business. I felt fairly certain the Collection Basket Contributions are not what they once were.


Would I kid u?