Sunday, May 28, 2017

I’m In a Panic! What If I Can’t Buy Beer?

Yesterday I was asked to show my Driver’s License before I was allowed to buy beer. I got to thinking about this. Is it possible that the Beer Sellers in the Good Ole USofA cannot tell that I am over 21?


This is when my panic started into high gear. I am very far over 21. I am so far over 21 that it might be possible that the State of Georgia will refuse to renew my driver’s license next time I am required to renew it.


If they did refuse to renew it, I would not be able to buy any more beer, since the Beer Sellers can’t tell I am over 21! That would be awful!


I may be sliding down that Over the Hill Hill but my mind is still resourceful. I came up with and have implemented a Plan of Action that will keep me drinking beer for the foreseeable future...

I had my wife use my iPhone to take a video of me when I woke up this morning and tried to get out of bed and take my first six steps!

That will do the trick for sure. From now on whenever I am asked for my Beer Identification, I will take out my iPhone and show my struggling attempt to start my day video and I will be allowed to buy my beer and to start my walk home with my beer in hand.


What’s that you just said about walking? Don’t you remember that they are going to take away my driver’s license? Did you forget already?


Just how old are you? If they have not stopped your beer purchases, they will probably do so any day now. Keep your iPhone handy.


Would I kid u?