Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Acknowledging My Own Ignorance

Fermented Foods are good for us all. In my own case I have been introduced to Fermented Pickles. Up until now I have been completely ignorant about Fermented Pickles let alone the boundless wonders of Fermentation.


Here is the Fermentation Is Good For Us List...

Ø Is can aid digestion.

Ø It can restore the colonies of healthy bacteria (flora) in the gut. (Gut is another name for the Alimentary Canal. Alimentary Canal is the place where food is digested and adsorbed into the body. This includes the stomach and the intestines.)

Ø It can lessen or reduce allergies.

Ø It can reduce plaque bacteria in the mouth, resulting in fewer cavities and healthier gums.

Ø It can cause people to lose weight more easily.

Ø It can help prevent arthritis.

Ø It can help prevent atherosclerosis.


It looks to me like, if I start bulking up on Fermented Foods, Medicare is going to have to come after me in about 30 years and beat me to death with a stick.


I sure hope they come out to take that stick to me right before I run out of money.


Would I kid u?