Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It’s At Times Like These That My Dear Readers Are Thankful That They Are My Dear Readers

There is much in the news at present about Saudi Arabia and a new face is being presented regarding this Kingdom and how they treat women.


Historically Saudi Arabia has not allowed women to be full participants in their work force and, shockingly, has not allowed women to drive cars.


A very eloquent spokesman was interviewed last night on the news show I was watching and he spoke up in defense of his country...

Ø Women are now being allowed into the workforce and they are not artificially being barred from rising as far as their abilities will take them.

Ø To prove his point he said that there actually are Saudi Arabian Women who have been promoted into positions as high as CEO, CFO and President of major corporations.


The interviewer was surprised and seemed really impressed as he was told this information by the eloquent spokesman.


The Smartfella is not so easily fooled and he saw right through this Smokescreen of Deceptive Misinformation. If you were easily fooled as you read the two bullet points above, this is where being one of my Dear Readers can be so beneficial to you.


Having been trained by the Late Paul Harvey to always tell The Rest of the Story (he just paid me another visit in my computer pecking room) I will now allow you to benefit from my vast store of knowledge about this Eloquent Deception and I will tell you The Rest of the Story...

Ø It is a fact that the Saudis have been appointing women to lofty corporate positions such as CEO, CFO and President.

Ø It is also true that, since Saudi women are not allowed to drive, they are unable to make it to work on time.

Ø Every one of these CEO, CFO and President Female Executives have been fired for Cause beCause they are repeatedly arriving late for work.

Ø The average time in these high positions for Female CEOs, CFOs and Presidents was between 17 and 21 days.


If you were taken in by this Saudi Deception, don’t feel too badly. You can rest assured that you are one of the few that actually has the Straight Skinny because you are a Dear Reader of my Blog.


It is really a shame that “Few” and “Dear Readers” so often appear next to each other in the same sentence.


Would I kid u?