Friday, May 19, 2017

I Continue To Get Ideas For Blog Postings From My Dear Readers

Before I begin, allow me to pause for this Attaboy to Myself from Myself…

I just passed over 69,000 views for Foolishness...Or Is It?!

A Big Thank You goes out to a long-time Dear Reader who sent me this idea for today’s Silliness.


Scenario #1...

You have Terrible Acne. You have had it since your teen-age years. All of your friends have grown out of their zits but you must not be one of your own friends because you are still in full bloom.


You decide you have had enough. You find a Phone Book (it wasn’t easy) and you find a Dermatologist right around the corner from where you live.


You are full of hope as you walk through your new Dermatologist’s office door but your hopes are dashed as soon as the door closes. There in front of you are two Medical Assistant Type People with Zits all over their faces.


Would you turn around and leave?


Scenario #2...

UPS arrives with a package for you from a long-forgotten Uncle who has died and left you $500,000 in a brown paper bag. You decide you need to have a safe place to store your new-found wealth. You need a bank!


You remember where there is a very confidence building looking bank because it is in a big stone building (like in the old days) not is a trailer (like in the new days).


You are full of hope as you walk through your new bank’s revolving front door but your hopes are dashed as soon as the door stops revolving. The Bank Guard is wearing a Ski Mask and is holding a Thompson Sub Machine Gun that would make Elliott Ness nervous. The Bank Tellers’ Name Plates read Bruiser, Butch and Sticky Fingers Vito.


Would you turn around and leave?


Scenario #3...

You are finishing up your Annual Physical with Doctor Welby and you are listening to him give you his Annual Lecture about your Excessive Weight and your High Cholesterol.


As he drones on, you find your mind wandering back to...

Ø The guy in the outer office you saw setting up future appointments on the computer who was sitting on two chairs duct taped together.

Ø The Little Room where you had your blood drawn and your blood pressure taken that was almost too small to fit in both you and the plus-sized nurse who attended to you.


It was at this point that you bit your tongue and resisted the urge to say to your doctor, “Ah, come on, buster, your waistline alone is a violation of your Hippocratic Oath!”


As you resist the temptation to say the above Obvious Fact to your Obviously Fat Doctor it does pass through your mind that “Hippo” is a part of “Hippocratic”.


Would I kid u?