Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I could say The Sky's The Limit But The Sky Is Too Low

Years ago there was a movie called, It Happens Every Spring. It was about Baseball. Our 9% Approval Rated Congress has its own rituals. The one I am blogging about today does not happen every spring but it does seem to happen every time we Turn Around.


Even if we stopped turning around it will not stop Congress from being stupid.


It’s time for the Congressional Song and Dance aka Congressional Finger Pointing Contest aka We Gotta Raise The Debt Limit Craziness.


If you think that our rulers in Washington D.C. have to raise the Debt Limit so they can spend more money you are as confused as most of the Folks Back Home (that’s us).


That’s not what’s happening here. They have to raise the Debt Limit because they have exceeded the amount of money that they had to spend. They are actually seeking authority to borrow enough money to cover what they have already spent.


Why do they bother to even put up the facade that they have a limited amount of money to spend? Once they have spent all they had, they simply make more.


At least they ought to change the name of the National Debt Limit. Here are my recommended names?…

Ø The Temporary Debt Limit.

Ø The Debt Limit Until We Zip Right Past The Debt Limit Limit.

Ø The Unlimited Debt Limit.

Ø The What Debt Limit Limit?

Ø The Absolutely We Ain’t Gonna Go Over Limit Unless And Until Such Time As We Spend So Much Money That It Is Necessary To Borrow More Money To Cover The Money We Already Spent But Which We Did Not Have Limit.


Until they get a new official name change in place they ought to put a Smiley Face before and after the old name. This way we will know they are just kidding.


Would I kid u?