Sunday, April 09, 2017

All Politics Is Local...Or Is It? ... And ... Sometimes A Little Stupid...You Bet Ya!

What I am about to talk about in this Blog Posting is Perfectly Legal but it just does not Smell Right.


In Georgia’s 6th Congressional District we are about to have an election to replace Congressman Tom Price who left the seat vacant to join President Trump’s Cabinet. The District has been Republican since the 1970s but has been targeted by Democrats as a District to flip to Democrat in 2017.


As of March 29, the Democrat Candidate had raised $8.3 million (3.4 times what Price spent in his most recent election) and spent $6.1 million (2.5 times what Price spent in his most recent election). Price’s most recent election was the most he has spent in any of his 7 campaigns.


I have not pecked out anything yet about anyone doing anything Illegal and, as I stated in the first paragraph above, nothing illegal is afoot in this race.


Oh, I did make a comment about something being Smelly and here is the Smelly Part...

The 30 Year-Old Democrat in this race has more money to spend than he can shake a stick at and 95% of his Donors are from outside the State of Georgia.

The underlined part is the Smelly But Legal Part.


The Republican Stupid Part is there are 11 Republicans in the race (out of 18 total candidates) who are busy tearing each other apart and they are doing a fine job of tearing.


If any candidate gets 50% of the vote on the first ballot there will be no second ballot. Mr. Out Of State Money Candidate is polling above 40% presently.


Looks like there a pretty good chance there will be 11 Bloodied Republican Candidates standing around on election night saying to themselves, “What happened?” while Mr. Out Of State Money Representative-Elect and his Out Of State Donors are toasting each other with glasses of Out Of State Champaign.


Would I kid u?