Saturday, March 25, 2017

Congress Should Not Have Allowed Milton Friedman To Die

A Short But Impactful Story...

The story happened while Milton Friedman was traveling aboard. (If you don’t know who Milton Friedman was, Google Him!)

After being picked up from the airport, he was being driven to the venue where he was to make his presentation. A government official was accompanying him.

Milton took note that at a construction site workers were furiously digging with shovels.

Since power digging equipment had long ago been invented, he asked the government official, why they were not using modern heavy digging equipment.

The answer he received was that shovels were used to keep employment high in the construction industry. If they used modern equipment, fewer people would have jobs.

Dr. Friedman replied, “Why don’t you give them spoons and create even more jobs?”

Would Milton kid u?


Milton Friedman