Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Obvious Or Coincidence?

Wow! I say this action by the outgoing Federal Transit Administration Chief was Obvious. You may say it was a Coincidence. The best we can expect in this Obviously Crazy Political World we now live is a compromise as we settle on it being an Obvious Coincidence...Or was it?


The State of California is in the process of building a Bullet Train from San Francisco and Sacramento in the north to Los Angeles and San Diego in the south.


I am not blogging about the benefits, or even the necessity, of the train except to say...It will cost a lot more than originally forecasted and will take a lot longer to build than originally forecasted. Such projects always do.


What I do want to blog about is the fact that something appears to be Obviously Obvious about an action taken by the outgoing Federal Transit Administration Chief on January 18, 2017.


Here are a couple of bullet point facts about all of this...

Ø Two days before she was no longer Federal Transit Administration Chief (January 18, 2017) the Federal Transit Administration Chief approved a $647 million federal grant for the Caltrain Commuter Service Bullet Train Project.

Ø The now former Federal Transit Administration Chief is now working at an engineering company that is a contractor for the Caltrain Commuter Service Bullet Train Project.


The late great Winston Churchill just came into my computer room and said over my shoulder, “California’s Bullet Train appears to be a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.


Before I got control of myself I did turn to confront Sir Winston and accuse him of becoming a bit dense in the 52 years since he died but I pulled up short and just smiled back at him when I saw he was smiling back at me.


In a split second I went from being disillusioned with our Federal Government and Winston Churchill to only being disillusioned with our Federal Government. I’ve been here before.


Would I kid u?



Lagniappe: Sir Winston once made this same riddle/mystery/enigma comment about Russia but I always cut him some slack when he visits me. He was truly one of the great great men in the history of the world. If he wants to repeat himself to me, I don’t care. Besides he does not have that much to do anymore.