Tuesday, March 07, 2017

We Are Constantly Being Warned By The Thousands Of People In Charge Of Warning Us That Guns Are Dangerous But There Is At Least One New Thing In My House That Appears to Be More Dangerous Than Guns

You better not skip over reading this Blog Posting because you are almost certain to have this Most Dangerous Item in your house also.


There are 24 Warnings that accompanied this item into my house. I’d like to think that your are burning with curiosity to know what they were but I’m a realists so I’ll tell you anyway...It is an Electric Heating Pad.


One of these Warnings is of great concern to me. I am told not to sit on or against the pad while in use. I am baffled by this one. What are we supposed to do wave it around the area of injury?


If I hurt my back (probably should have pecked out, “Next time I hurt my back”), of course, I am going to sit against that pad! That’s why I bought it. I need to get the heat up against the area that needs to be heated!


Oh well, it could be worse. I could be about to take a pill of some sort. We all know we should never do that because each of those little buggers comes with a minimum of 72 Warnings and Cautions.


I’ll finish up this bit that I certainly blogged about in the past but you probably skipped reading that one or you forgot what you read when you did not skip reading it.


The last child’s bicycle I assembled on Christmas Eve came in about 57 pieces. The first 2 were these Dire Warnings...

Ø The product must be assembled before use.

Ø This product must be assembled by a competent person.

I was fast running out of time, so I went ahead and assembled it anyway.


Would I kid u?