Monday, February 27, 2017

When Is Complete Incomplete?

Today, February 27, 2017, the day after the Academy Awards the USA Today's Section D was almost entirely devoted to The Academy Awards.


On the top of the page there was this…

89th ACADEMY AWARDS Relive The Big Night With Us”.

Allow me to drag this out a little further. The newspaper said this...

"Join us for complete coverage of the 89th Academy Awards, including the most memorable speeches, viral moments, best (and worst) fashions, backstage interviews and after-party access".

What's wrong with this picture about the pictures?


It is the use of the word “complete”. Complete means they got it all. They got the whole enchilada. They left nothing out...Or did they?


I don’t mean to be picky (or do I don’t) but this Crack News Reporting Organization left out the Big Mistake Where They Gave The Best Picture Award To The Wrong Picture!


Oh that little thing. That’s not much...Or is that not?


Would I kid u?